2013 International Fashion Trends

New York, London, and Paris are undoubtedly the main fashion capitals of the world. Here is a guide to some of the key trends hitting the cities and how you can achieve the same look with a fraction of the runway expense. The 1920s were a huge influence for fashion designers when establishing fashion trends for 2012 so don’t be surprised to see some amazing modern twists on the vintage style.

Metallic, shiny fabrics are being cast in a feminine manner for 2012, so don’t be afraid to give your wardrobe some added shine. Metallic tops and shiny trousers are attracting a lot of attention, so choose eye catching pieces for the up and coming season.

The one shoulder style is flooding almost every runway. Opt for dresses or blouses that are going to reveal the perfect amount of skin from the upper body. As well as revealing shoulders, plunging necklines are also extremely popular. Pair deep cleavage blouses with pencil or draping skirts for a seductive yet polished look. You certainly can’t go amiss with a deep cleavage dress either.

Prints most definitely have to find their way into your wardrobe as there is a huge array of stylish motifs to match any personality. You are guaranteed to find a print that’s right down your alley, from floral and tropical prints to psychedelic details. Make the best out of your look and be brave to bring something different through. The color options as far as prints go are never-ending, so pick and choose your most flattering color combinations.

Color is the biggest trend so insure your wardrobe isn’t lacking in bright hues. Green, turquoise and navy blue tones, tangerine, yellow and red are the colors of the season as well as classic black and white. Don’t be afraid to mix your favorite colors for a stylish color block outfit.

This year, the fiery tangerine is trending and many have welcomed this color as a manifestation of new energy and boldness which marries both the vivacity of reds and the warmness of the yellows. The striking reddish-orange hue is dramatic yet still sophisticated, accommodating yet distinctive, and the reddish undertone flatters most skin tones making it surprisingly easy to wear for any lady.  A good way to start is to decide what role this color is playing today – is it the main character, the focus of your look? Or rather the supporting role, still accentuating but not completely stealing the spotlight?  If you are feeling bold, make a statement by stepping out in a solid coat or dress in this shade and those of you that are a bit more conservative, start smaller by coupling an orange top or skirt with neutrals or even pale blue items to balance out the bright color. You could even try color-blocking with stronger colors such blues and greens – a combination which yields striking results. Other ways to sneak orange into your daily outfit is through your accessories: belts and bags are the obvious go-to for this, but something as small as a headband or getting a manicure is just as effective to wear for this shade.  

tangerine clothing

Of course, the use of this color is in no way limited to what you are wearing. While full-on tangerine is probably a tad too overboard for interiors, it is easily incorporated as an accent color in the form of a few well placed cushions or bar stools. Splashes of orange add a touch of personality and playfulness to an already warm and inviting room comprised of warm and creamy neutrals, and this combination scheme is particularly good for areas of personal space, such as the bathroom or the bedroom of your complex. With the imminent arrival of spring upon us, now is the perfect time to embrace the vivacious color that is tangerine and take some time browsing around online fashion for affordable clothing items and home wares.

So how to afford all the glamour? Simple. Use what is at your fingertips at least 50% of the day, the internet! With noticeable differences compared to stores, online shopping is now more popular than ever, and the variety is endless. 

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