What Women Expect From Men


In today’s modern age of dating many things have changed but there are specific qualities that women look for in a potential partner that have remained the same. 

As an upscale dating service we interview many single women that are educated, self-sufficient and well-rounded.  We have heard what women expect out of men in the modern era of dating.  The team at Cupid’s Cronies has compiled a list of what women want, and what they do not want, in an ideal man.

What women Expect from Men

It should come as no surprise that women have expectations of a potential partner.  However, these preferences should be in no way shocking, as many of these qualities are acts of common courtesy and etiquette. 

Even if you consider yourself to be in-tune with women’s needs, this article should serve as a reminder for single professional men that have been searching for a long-term relationship. 

Women Want Grown Ups

Women need a gentleman, not a boy.  These qualities include:

  • Being Communicative and Direct
  • Not Playing Games
  • Being Classy and Mature

Women still like to be pursued and generally speaking will prefer a man who is direct about his intentions.  This can include asking a woman out, having a serious discussion about turning a relationship into a long-term commitment, and being honest when he doesn’t see the relationship progressing.  Women are busier today than ever before and do not have the time, nor the patience for men who are indecisive, wishy-washy or unsure of how to ask for and get what they want. 

Grown men also make phone calls and do not text or write messages to the woman they are dating on Facebook.  This is not to say that a random quirky text message is forbidden.  Hardly! A funny or romantic message from the office lets women know that you think about her throughout the day.  However, for following up after a date, arranging to go out, or to ask a serious question, pick up the phone!

Women Want Manners

Chivalry is not dead.  Most women still want a man to open doors and pull out chairs.  There is some (understandable) confusion over how gender roles have changed in recent decades. 

The best dating advice for men is, as a general rule, to be a gentleman.  This includes paying for dinner.  Yes, even if the woman asked you out. And yes, even if it is at an expensive restaurant.  There’s a good chance that she will offer to pay half, or at least try to.  It makes men feel better to get the offer, and it makes women happy to be refused.  It’s really that simple! 

Women Like to Be Complimented

If men only knew how long it takes women to put together an outfit, do their makeup, hair, nails, and get ready for a date!  The least men could do in return is offer a compliment. 

Women like to be complimented but it should be polite, and offered sparingly.  Telling a woman she is beautiful every 5 minutes will make her date seem obsessed but telling her she looks “hot” is crude.  A compliment doesn’t have to be a big deal.  Even saying I really like your dress lets the woman know that you appreciate her efforts. 

What Women DO NOT Want

One of the main complaints we hear from women is dating professional men that think their biggest contribution to the relationship is their wallet.  One of the changes in gender roles has been that women do not have to depend on men for money.  Women have jobs, careers and businesses, so men have to put in more to make a relationship work. 

Women want to be pursued, even when she is a forward-thinking modern day executive.  How else will she know the man is interested if he never makes an effort to arrange the next date or call to say that he had a good time?  However, don’t take this pursuit too far.  Always give the woman you are dating space.  This includes both in between dates and on them.  For example, do not call three times a day to see, “what she is up to.” Don’t be physically smothering or try to get her into bed when you barely know her.  She will think you are like that with every woman.  Besides, the forward-thinking, modern woman may surprise you. 

Article Provided By: Cupid’s Cronies is an upscale matchmaking service in Minneapolis Mn.  The company has a unique approach to introducing professional singles.  


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