A Bath a Day Could Keep the Doctor Away

Couple in Bathtub

There are two types of people in this world, bath lovers and shower lovers! If you’re the latter you perhaps don’t understand that luxurious feeling of sinking into a warm bath at the end of a hard day. But baths, as well as being highly relaxing, can be very beneficial too. And during the cold, winter months, is the ideal time to get into the habit of taking a bath.

What could be better than climbing into a bath full of warm water, bubbles and aromatic oils? And what makes it feel even better? It’s recommended by experts!

Relaxing Bath = Happy Mind

Psychologists have found that taking a bath can radically improve psychological wellbeing and reduce feelings of pessimism. Baths give you a chance to relax and stop the day for a few minutes in a way that a shower just can’t. Shower’s always seem to be rushed; a soak in a bath can create this unique feeling of isolation and quiet that a shower can’t compete with. Psychologists have also found that being horizontal can also have a dramatic effect on your psychological wellbeing.

The Health Benefits…

We all know that having a bath deeply relaxes the muscles and is perfect after a long day at work. But did you know it can also reduce tension headaches, cramps and can also improve elasticity which is beneficial for everyone whether you’re an athlete or you spend all day working hard at your desk.

It sounds perhaps a little unpleasant, but if you make your bath warm enough so that it makes you sweat a little bit it removes toxins from your body. The warm water can also kill many types of bacteria meaning taking regular baths could make you less likely to suffer from colds and infections. Soaking in a warm bath increases blood circulation which increases the rate of nourishing blood cells, fixing damaged tissue quicker meaning you’ll heal quicker.

The Perfect Bath Experience

1. When you’re planning a bath, you can’t go without essential oils and choosing the right one could make your bath even better!
• Lavender is known as the quintessential oil for calm; it’s perfect for night time baths and can help if you suffer from insomnia.
• Rose oil is also a great choice and can help with anxiety and nervous tension. And it’s great for all skin types so even if you have sensitive skin you can still benefit from it.
• Cedarwood and sandalwood are also ideal bath oils. Any oils that come from tree bark are incredibly soothing and grounding.
• Ylang Ylang and Jasmine – these are better for morning baths as both oils are stimulants. They’re also both aphrodisiacs that uplift your mood, they blend brilliantly together and they’re perfect for dry skin.
2. Use a body scrub or an exfoliating sponge; this will not only get rid of any dead skin, leaving your body feeling silky smooth it will also help relax you. Although baths are designed to be relaxing some people still find it hard to switch off so gently massaging your body with a scrub will help engage your mind and help you relax.

3. Use candles. Bright spot lights shining in your eyes as you try and relax in the bath won’t be very… well, relaxing! So turn them off, light some candles and place them around the room and along the edge of the bathtub.

Your bath may seem like a pretty insignificant thing to you, sat there in your bathroom, barely touched. But that could all change! Imagine shutting your front door, after a very long day, shutting out the cold and snow and climbing the stairs and sinking into a deep, warm, bubbly bath. And now you know how much you could benefit from it – what could be a more perfect end to the day?

This post was written by Meredith Watts on behalf of BathCo, a leading supplier of luxury baths and bathroom accessories. 

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