The Most Influential Men In Fashion


Despite women dominating the fashion industry in the past, nowadays men are making their mark on the world’s fashion capitals, such as London, New York, Milan and Paris. The fashion industry is now brimming with male designers, male models and fashionable male celebrities. It’s commonplace for men to take just as much pride in their appearance as women, and as such, the men’s fashion industry is going from strength to strength.

McQueen – A True Icon in the World of Men’s Fashion

The late fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, took on the fashion world when he made his mark on the fashion industry when he was in his early twenties. Including the likes of Prince Charles and other internationally recognized figures, Alexander McQueen gained a highly respected reputation due to his impressive client portfolio. It was tragic when Alexander McQueen committed suicide in 2010; his passion and talent will be mourned for by the fashion industry. He will always be remembered for his beautifully provocative catwalk shows.

Bringing Fashion to the Masses

Our very own Gok Wan has become a key figure in the fashion industry thanks to his television series How to Look Good Naked. Gok Wan has helped women from all walks of life deal with an issue that affects many women in today’s society: feeling good about the way they look. Gok uses his fashion expertise to help women dress in a way that flaunts what they’ve got and he uses various techniques to help build women’s confidence, including posting a huge naked image of his contestants on a billboard!

Sports Icons Are Often at the Forefront of Fashion

Footballers David Beckham, Thierry Henry and Cristiano Ronaldo have appeared in the press not only for their football and sporting abilities, but they regularly appear in the media for their dress sense. David Beckham has been sporting the most up to date and on trend outfits, which could be the result of having fashionista Victoria Beckham as his wife. Cristiano Ronaldo and Thierry Henry have also been snapped wearing the latest designer pieces. An increasing number of footballers are appearing in underwear adverts, clothing adverts and aftershave adverts, making them important figures in the world of fashion.

Men’s Fashion, Everywhere We Look

Television, films, magazines – fashionable men are everywhere we look and it is them who determine the latest trends in men’s fashion. If we see one of our icons wearing the latest fashion, the chances are that you’ll begin to see replicas in the high street shops. Soon you’ll see every Tom, Dick and Harry wearing the same thing. It is then up to these fashion icons to stay one step ahead and be the first to sport the cutting edge of fashion.

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This post was written by Kate Hilton – a fashion blogger and designer of women’s’ formal dresses.

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