The Most Luxurious Celebrity Cars

Living the life of luxury comes naturally to most celebrities, and nothing displays this more openly than their cars. Whether it’s purely a status symbol or a true passion, celebrities have the money to indulge themselves when it comes to what they drive.  Driving in style is goes hand-in-hand with fame, so here is a few of the most luxurious celebrity cars.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead – starting at $407,000


This luxury car is just the family run-around for the likes of super-rich David Beckham.  Beckham is often seen cruising around Beverly Hills with his sons in this head-turning Rolls Royce.  His model has been fully customized, and features custom built 24 inch Savini Forged wheels, with color matched exterior trim for exquisite attention to detail design.  As a final personalized touch, Beckham has had his signature player number ‘23’ embroidered into all of the seats.

Mercedes SLR McLaren – MSRP of $450,000


Talk show host Jay Leno knows his cars.  His 17 000 square foot garage is filled with all sorts of exotic cars, including a 1970 Dodge Challenger, the contemporary EcoJet, and a stunning 1906 Stanley Steamer.  He is so passionate about his cars that he has even created his own website,  To pick a favorite from such an extensive collection would be almost impossible, however Leno swiftly points out the Mercedes SLR McLaren.  This stunning car is by far the fastest car he’s ever driven, and the sleek elegant lines make it a dream to behold.

Ferrari Enzo – Base price is $670,000


With only 339 of these exquisite cars ever being produced, most have disappeared into the secret garages of private collectors.  Fortunately the public got a good chance of seeing one in person when Nick Cage purchased one for his own personal driving pleasure.  After starring in a movie such as Gone In 60 Seconds, it’s understandable why Cage would have found the Ferrari irresistible.  Reaching 100km/h in a blisteringly fast 3.4 seconds, the F140 Aluminium V12 engine is pure artistry in motion.  Unfortunately Cage had to sell this motoring masterpiece due to financial difficulties.

Bugatti Veyron – price of up to $2.1 million

Bugatti Veyron

With a reputation as one of the fastest street-legal cars money can buy, it’s no wonder that the Bugatti is popular with top earning celebrities.  Judge Simon Cowell from American Idol may have a reputation of being hard to please, but he can barely keep the smile off his face whenever he is seen driving his Veyron around town.  Rapper Birdman also boasts a Veyron in his collection of exotic and highly expensive cars, and is often uploading pictures of himself with his favorite ride.  The Veyron carries such an air of prestige and luxury that Beyoncé saw fit to gift one to her car-loving partner, Jay-Z.

Maybach Exelero


Here we have the absolute pinnacle of luxury cars.  The Maybach Exelero is as exclusive as it gets, thanks to the $8 million price tag.  The Veyron wasn’t enough for Jay-Z, he just had to have the Exelero to join the super-fast Bugatti in the garage.  When you consistently list at the top of the Forbe’s list every year though, you can afford to have such expensive taste.  The Exelero is sleek and elegant, and Jay-Z couldn’t help but feature it in one of his hit music videos.  It’s not just a pretty face though, it manages to move it’s 2.66 tonne of bodyweight from 0 – 100km/h in an impressive 4.4 seconds.  Originally designed as a one-off for Fulda Tires in 2005, it is now available to anyone who wishes to buy one.  If you have a spare $8 million of course!

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Author: Charles Landry

Charles is a business professional based in Brisbane, Australia. He is a keen car enthusiast and owns numerous vehicles from a variety of categories and brands available within the market. Charles’ love for the luxury and sports car industry prompted him to write an article containing some of the most luxurious cars owned by favorable celebrities.

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