Yoko Ono Fashion Line Inspired by John Lennon’s ‘Hot Bod’

john and yoko

Yoko Ono’s already has an impressive resume that reads more like a novel with her involvement in contemporary art, music and activism. However, the widower who was formally married to Beatles rock legend John Lennon has now introduced herself to the fashion world with the unveiling of her first collection that is manufactured and ready to hit the shelves. The Yoko Ono fashion line is titled ‘Fashions for Men’ and is based on a series of sketches that she started in 1969 and eventually gave to her husband as a wedding present later that year. The unisex fashion line designed by the almost 80 year old Yoko Ono has been described as edgy and provocative, which encompasses the style of Yoko Ono herself.

Yoko Ono Fashion Line

The Yoko Ono fashion collection features an array of fashion items, such as apparel, footwear and accessories. An item that stands out is the ‘hand’ wool suit, which has a white handprint featured over the crotch of a pair of black trousers. Needless to say the item is one of the most provocative attractions of the Yoko Ono fashion collection. Other items in the Yoko Ono fashion line are similarly charged; pink and black tank tops are tight and paper thin, revealing shoulders and hugging figures. A jersey pullover features small eyelets cut around the nipple area, although those who prefer less exposure can opt to purchase a fully operational battery powered light bulb bra to wear underneath.

Yoko Ono Fashion Inspiration

‘Fashions for Men’ was inspired by the personal attraction that Yoko Ono had for John Lennon’s physique. In Yoko Ono’s own words, “I made this whole series with love for his hot bod, and gave it to him as a wedding present.” The designs existed on paper only for forty years after the wedding, until Yoko Ono met Humberto Leon, the co-founder of New York fashion emporium Opening Ceremony. Yoko Ono and Humberto Leon met at the Opening Ceremony debut in Tokyo, where they spoke about the drawings. Months later Yoko Ono showed the drawings to Humberto Leon, and they decided to bring them to life. They stuck to the original concepts as far as possible, creating wearable pieces that still played tribute to the original, avant-garde sketches. The entire Yoko Ono collection can be seen at the Opening Ceremony store in New York and will be available at the outlets in Los Angeles, London and Tokyo soon.

Penny Munroe is an avid writer in fashion related news and tips. Articles include selecting the correct designer dresses for body types to the latest in red carpet fashion gossip.

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