The New Method of Advertisement – Facebook Like Exchange


The 21st century is definitely an era of publicity boom. Advertising and marketing are the words of the day. So it goes without saying that media plays a very pivotal role in strengthening this marketing spree. Media can be of various types like print media, digital media and others. There are various solution partners who provide extensive and all comprehensive services with specialization in digital media. The latest addition to this is the introduction of Facebook like exchanges. Launched in February 2004, Facebook is one of the leading social networking sites. It currently has close to one billion users and with the help of Facebook exchanges these users can actually advertise and re-market to. One such leading media trading desk is EnversaTRADE which is a part of the Corner World Corporation. EnversaTRADE’s delivery platform also happens to be the launch partner of Facebook exchange also known as FBX.

Types of advertisers that use Facebook like exchanges.

Myriads of advertiser are now taking recourse to Facebook like exchanges for conversions and re-targeting opportunities. They can be as follows:

  • Non-Branded:- These are advertisers that lack any sort of brand image. To avoid ads being listed as non-branded in Facebook like exchanges, it is advisable include an identifiable logo for the product or service or company being endorsed.
  • 3rd-party logos:- This type of advertisements are generally rejected by  EnversaTRADE’s quality team. These listings use 3rd party logos and trademarks with requisite permission.
  • Deceptive or System ads:- When an advertiser camouflages its ads with other legitimate postings of a particular site, it is referred to as deceptive Facebook exchanges.
  • Shaky or flashy ads:- This type advertisers use shake or flash in order to attract attention from users. Generally this type of Facebook like exchanges is discouraged.
  •  Belly fat:- This type of listings are used specifically to sell diet products. They use depictions of belly fat.
  •  Adult or Provacative:- This refers to Facebook like exchanges where advertisers use photographs of people mostly women in provocative or in inappropriate context.

Role of EnversaTrade in Facebook like exchanges

EnversaTrade has been relentlessly putting efforts to carefully scrutinize the various advertisement methods before they send it for approval to the Facebook team. They almost guarantee definite return on investments in such Facebook like exchanges. As an advertiser, when he visits his website and then logs in to Facebook, he shall see his ads displayed. EnversaTrader also provides meticulous reports of such Facebook exchange listings on a weekly basis. In fact in some cases they also provide spot reporting though personal Enversa traders to accommodate advertisers’ excitement and interest.

Author Byline: Amy Jackson is a journalist who writes for several business and e-commerce magazines.

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