Top Story: 5 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Men


Buying gifts for the men in your life can be a challenge. Guys often buy what they want, so when holidays roll around, you can be left in the dark on what your man wants. Sometimes, it’s best to go off-book and get him something he didn’t know he wanted. This list is meant to give you inspiration; take a risk and get him something useful yet unique, perfect for the guy who already has everything.

1) Beer Brewing Kit

Your man may love cracking open a cold one, so he may enjoy taking a crack at creating his own brew. The craft brewing movement is gaining popularity across the country, and many home-brew kits are now available from $40 and up. Starting with a basic, small-volume kit like this one ( from Uncommon Goods is ideal, as it gives you clear instructions, proper equipment, and hand-picked ingredients to create exactly what he likes.

2) Gift of the Month Clubs

Give the gift that keeps on giving with a gift subscription. The online shopping realm gives you endless options for this type of gifts, and can give you tons of inspiration for the perfect type of club in your price range. Anything from beer or wine of the month to beef jerky and cigars of the month, he’s sure to be a happy recipient.

3) Bug-A-Salt Fly Gun

If the guy on your list is just a kid in a man’s body, this may be the perfect choice. This one-of-a-kind bug gun turns table salt into ammo to kill every fly in sight. Like a grown-up’s version of a functional NERF gun, the Bug-A-Salt fly gun will quickly replace the fly swatter and become everything from a boredom killer to party entertainment. This gun may look like a toy, but it is meant for adult use only.

4) Experience Gifts

Don’t just give him an object, but an experience that will give him memories he will carry forever. Cloud9living will give you a plethora of ideas and examples of “experiences” like spending the day at a racetrack driving Indy cars or going deep sea fishing, and can help lead you in to find the perfect experience. This type of gift can be simple or extravagant, but it will definitely be unexpected.

5) Unique but Useful Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers often get overlooked, but they can be almost as exciting as the gifts themselves. If you’re stumped, look for things that aim to make his life a little easier or comfortable. The Duluth Trading Company ( has a huge supply of manly little trinkets. From super masculine grooming products  (think ox horn mustache combs and rum-scented cologne) to pocket cribbage or a classic flask, these gifts will be a pleasant treat. 

This post was made possible by the good folks over at efunlist.

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