Why You Don’t Want Celebrities As Neighbors

Image by Esparta Palma

Even if celebrity buzz has no effect on you whatsoever, you’ll probably be quite delighted to learn about someone renowned for their acting, musical or, well, TV presenting abilities living in your neighbourhood. And maybe slow down your step when passing their house or linger in the staircase for a little longer hoping to bump into them (my friend missed Ryan Gosling by just a couple of minutes, visiting her friend in the apartment building he also lives in). However, there are also some good reasons why not to have anyone famous live in your proximity and here are a few of them.


I’ll Follow You Until You Love Me

Should I even explain myself? If you’re aware of the certain notoriety living around the corner, so are their fans and paparazzi. You’re lucky if they’re not exactly pop culture icons and are recognised for their scientific discoveries rather than her cleavage; alternatively be prepared for myriads of paparazzi lurking in the shadows who’d knock you off your feet to get a better shot. Even the mailman of Katie Holmes’s apartment building is said to be hiding from paparazzi who wouldn’t stop bombarding him with questions.


Lights, Cameras …  Reality Show!

Living in the golden age of reality TV, one may never be sure that one day you won’t wake up with a filming crew swarming all over your lawn, to get a better angle of your next-door neighbor doing their morning routine. Besides, it doesn’t matter how famous they are; the presence of Jersey Shore’s Snooki and Jwoww is as unwelcome as Kardashians’. In fact, the latter were driven out of two neighborhoods before they found a spot to film the new series for E! Kim and Kourtney Take Miami.


Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous

Media has surely done a great job painting the celebrity lives as one endless party and some of them almost feel it as a duty to live up to this image by throwing the noisiest and most debaucherous parties in the city. Madonna’s after-gig party in London this summer getting a visit from ‘noise abatement team’ seemed like yesterdays news after Susan Boyle’s all day round singing in her native Scotland home made her neighbors miserable as they couldn’t even hear their telly. Should we even be surprised about scantily clad women walking in and out Charlie Sheen’s house day and night?


Extravagant Architecture Taste

Some celebs, especially the ones who weren’t already born in the spotlight, often tend to go overboard trying to express their wildest childhood fantasies through their homes and end up building something that is just plainly weird or so overpriced that the house would never be re-sold if they went back into market. Michael Jackson’s Neverland is almost too cliché of an example but what about Britney Spears building a bar in every room in their $6,3 million home in Malibu or John Travolta’s airline terminal-like house in Florida? At the end of the day it’ll be you living next door to the monster-like house while stars will move away to new, prettier luxury villas.

Finally, if you’re absolutely determined to having at least one famous person in your neighborhood, why not try politicians or talk show hosts, as the Obama family, Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey are topping the polls of America’s most desirable neighbors?

Have you ever had a celebrity as a neighbor?

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With reality TV and celebrity news as his guilty pleasures, Gavin Harvey just couldn’t help tracking down some of the lavish celebrity homes when spending a few weeks in sunny California this year. He shares his observations, blogging for Dynamic Lives.

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