How Words Can Inspire


To think that we learn words within the first year of life, within our first year we learn the meaning of only one or two words, but by the time we are eight or nine years old we have a full vocabulary available for us to use.

We can constantly learn new words throughout our lives, our vocabulary grows and we learn more and more each passing day. Words are inspirational, they are the reason I do what I do, being a writer is my way of loving words, I get to use them daily whether it’s to voice my opinion or communicate information on websites.

That being said, words are inspirational. We cannot have inspiration without words whether we read them or they are spoken to us.  Here are a couple of reasons I believe words inspire us to be who we are and improve our quality of life.

Voice your Opinion

“You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it” – Albert Einstein.

An inspirational quote made with formed words that inspire us to solve problems in a different manner. This is when you have an opportunity to voice your opinion, whether you hear about problems and want to help solve them or you read about problems on forums on the internet that others are struggling with.

Helping someone solve a problem through words is inspirational and what we don’t realise is it something we all do each and every day in some way or another.

Love What You Do

I became a writer simply because I love words. The ability to string words together and make sentences which can be used by businesses to promote themselves or to inform people is truly inspirational for me.

I am sure anyone in this industry has to agree, the reason they are in a writing profession is because of their love of words. You wouldn’t sit quietly in front of a computer all day writing if you didn’t love what you do because it’s a lonely job; it involves long hours and its hard work. There are so many other careers out there that could offer excitement, variety and fun, which you could choose unless of course, you are like me and you love words, you love to write and you are inspired by words.

Words Opens New Doors

If you are a business promoting your products or a person promoting your own services, words are what open doors for you. Words used in blogs, social media and on websites opens a range of doors for you, marketing you on a global scale, drawing in new customers and opening up the doors of success.

Everyone uses words whether they speak English or not, words are what we use daily to communicate ideas, sell products and interact with family, friends, colleagues and customers. New doors can only open through effective marketing and communication, both of which need words to inspire the customer to use your company.

Increase Business Growth

“Change is inevitable. Progress is optional” – Tony Robbins.

This little string of words is so true when you think about business. To improve your business you need to progress, you need to be versatile and make changes when changes are needed. Updating your website and blog regularly with well written words will make the impact in the online market that you are hoping to achieve.

I could talk about words for days, the advantages are endless. It’s what we use to communicate information throughout the world whether it’s information on products to potential customers or information we want to share with family and friends.

Words inspire our every day lives and you can get a guest blog to inspire your customers, offer them information and fresh ideas. It can be a way to be different and give your business a new vibe, if you will, a new idea, a new inspiration and renew interest.

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