Do You Really Want To Lose That Weight?

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You are reading this and probably thinking err…..where is this going? Stay with me and you will soon find out shortly. Weight loss and body building are in my opinion two of the most prominent and worldwide renowned health and fitness related topics.  As long as this world exists, both are here to stay. To put it quite simply, weight loss and body building are definitely intertwined with our lives.

Just as the title indicates, our focus during the course of this article is Weight Loss and to see how much you really want it. The internet as you probably know is littered with tons of information regarding weight loss. While some of this information is useful and insightful, most are too complex to comprehend, full of absolutely misleading information and severely commercialized.  

Reasons behind weight gain

Some people’s weight problems are simply transmitted genetically which means when you take a careful look at an individual’s lineage, you will find a number of people on the plus size. In such cases, it’s really not anyone’s fault if certain traits are genetically transmitted. Genetically transmitted traits can also be seen in areas like height, stature or body frame, complexion; shape of the nose, eyes, lips, and the list goes on.

Another common reason why people end up being overweight is due to a carefree lifestyle. By carefree I mean eating and drinking just about anything. There are extreme cases where some individuals turn to food as a means of escape from certain issues in their personal lives. Having said that, bad food habits bring about excessive body fat which gives birth to numerous health issues like heart problems, diabetes, breathing problems when asleep and so on.

Lest I forget, there’s this inevitable one which plagues women which is weight gain due to pregnancy. While some women are lucky to return back to what looks like normal after child birth, most women see their body go through a sudden transformation during the pregnancy phase. Even after child birth for some it gets worse as they start to breast feed and become full time mums. The body drastically changes leaving the mums with serious amount of fat in the abdominal area which is the hardest part of the body to lose weight.

What is the key weight loss factor?

Earlier on, I used the term severely commercialized. A lot of people battling with weight problems come online to carry out Google search, look through tons of websites; blogs and videos in search of helpful and insightful information that will help achieve their weight loss objectives. As I stated earlier, there are tons of misleading information flying around when it comes to weight loss. People are tricked into buying materials that will end up compounding their problems. I am not saying buying products is a bad idea as I have done so on several occasion but life will be a lot better if a lot more people will put the delivery of genuine and helpful information before monetary gain.

The key factor to weight loss is your mindset. Yes you read that correctly. Before you say what da hell, is this guy going on about here…freaking mindset?  Check this out, in order to lose badly hanging body fat you need to possess a rock solid mindset. Yes I know you are thinking along the lines of cardiovascular exercises like treadmill sessions, rowing, elliptical machine sessions, and dance classes and so on. Those are undoubtedly the physical stuffs you inevitably need to engage in for you to burn calories day in day out. The reason why a lot of people won’t achieve the highly desired type of body is pure and simply due to the wrong mindset. Weight Loss is a tough journey especially if your body fat is a bit on the high side (the more the body fat, the harder the challenge). If you don’t picture yourself losing weight and have a solid mindset running concurrently with it, the physical side of things will be absolutely impossible. Having a rock solid mindset requires discipline and no looking back. This is why you see tons and tons of people sign up for gym memberships but only handfuls come out with results after months of dedication and hardwork.

Do you think it’s really as a easy as blinking your eyes to pick yourself up four, five or maybe six days a week heading to the gym to give it one hundred percent each time? I am with you, it’s definitely not easy. Another thing linked to your mindset is the type of food and drinks that go into your body. If you don’t have the right mindset required to cut out the junk food and fizzy drinks that do only one thing to your body which is damage, you will not achieve your goals. There are no short cuts, you need to give it what it takes, and you need to have the mindset of a winner before your even step into a gym. Don’t listen to friends, family or people that can’t or won’t do but will suddenly become experts that will say stuffs like “chill out, you look great the way you are”, “those people in the magazines and on TV do take drugs that you’ll never be able to afford”. When you sit in the company of folks like that, remember everything I’ve said so far about mindset and think of your desired goals. Each little step you take today will add up to form the fantastic picture in the end. 

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