Viral News Spotlight: Sorority’s Racist Party Photo Causes Hell to Break Loose


A Penn State sorority has become the focus of an investigation after a racist Mexican-themed party picture was posted to the Web, according to the independent Penn State blog, Onward State.

The picture, said to be taken around Halloween, shows the women dressed in sombreros and mustaches. Some of the women held signs that read “Will mow lawn for weed + beer” and “I don’t cut grass I smoke it.”

The photo was posted on Tumblr and Facebook, where Onward State was able to identify the women tagged in the photo as members of the Chi Omega sorority on campus.

Read more at  – Yahoo! News.


  1. For me the issue is not just dressing up as Mexicans, it’s the signs they are holding that contain culturally insensitive wording that is the problem.

  2. to dress up for a party is the least of the world problems in my views..

    if someones life, peace , religion and purpose were taken for cheap , then i will get shaken…..

  3. with all the respect, i see how can never be part of the problem, i think the problem is people that read too much in to everything that we cant even have fun and laugh at our selves , most of all the girls in the picture are learned and i will hope they know the difference between wrong and right, otherwise why would an educated person knowingly get them selves in trouble?

  4. There was a way to do this and not be offensive. If you can’t understand that then you’re part of the problem and should really look into gaining some cultural sensitivity.

  5. the problem is we live in a very sensitive , highly politically correct world that it is so fucking ridiculous..
    i mean it is Halloween, why cant people mock each other without politics being brought in the middle all the time.

    like really, what is raciest about this? have fun a little i will think…

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