The Funkiest Hats for Women This Fall

Fall is the most beautiful period of the year, and fall clothing also reaches a peak with a series of new styles. Among these items, I would like to have a small discussion with you on top women’s fall hat fashions of 2012.

  • Fur Hats 

People often think about fur hats when winter comes; however, they are also suitable for the cool weather of fall. Fur hats have two main kinds: the genuine and the fake, and both of them can bring a beautiful and luxurious element to outfits for women of all ages. With this hat, you can easily attract attention. And in fact, fur hats are also the hottest trend this year!

  • Cowboy Hats

If you are a person who is looking for a hat with a purpose of sun protection, a cowboy hat is one of the most suitable choices for you. With a wide brim that extends all the way around the hat, a cowboy hat will help you prevent the sun from damaging your face, your neck, and even your beautiful hair.

  • Cloche Hats

Cloche hats are essential accessories to complete the outfits of women, from the simplest to the sleekest. The idea of a cloche hat originated from traditional headdresses, adding some patterns such as feathers, ribbons, and jewels. You can wear a cloche hat with womanly dresses, skirt suits, trench coats, and chic coats, as well as classic high boots and a pair of leather gloves. This will create an aristocratic style for you.


  • The Fedora

Originally, the fedora was designed for men in the 19th century, but now women also widely use this style of hat. The reasons for that trend are simple: the fedora provides women with protection from wind and rain and creates a stylish and mysterious look for women. Moreover, this type of hat is easy to mix with other clothes. Fedoras can be made from straw, wool, velvet, suede, or twill, and they come in a wide range of colors and patterns. In addition, you can change the shape of a fedora by playing around with the pinch on top of it.  However, the traditional black fedora is still the most popular choice.

 Tips on Choosing Fall Hats

We know that hats are very useful fall clothing essentials and accessories with both aesthetic and realistic functions. Of which, you can use different styles of hats to become more beautiful, more attractive, or even to protect yourself. So choosing the right fall hat is very important to create your perfect outfit in fall. The advice here is to carefully consider your purpose, the weather, and your own detailed circumstance before choosing. If you do that, you can choose a suitable hat to your style.  If you want to save time on choosing a hat, you can consider the four above types. Luckily, all of those types are available at Urban Outfitters. Last but not least, price is also a very important factor when making a decision on buying a new hat, especially considering the hard circumstances of the global economy. Be a savvy customer and get affordable prices with some coupons from online stores such as: 6PM, Gap, and Express.

You have found the trends for hat this fall; why not add a hat to your fall wardrobe right now?

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Author Byline: Rosy Vu has passion for fashion and shopping. She wants to share her experienes and tips to those who have same interests. Read other her posts on fashion and shoppingto follow the latest fashion trends at CouponCodeZone.

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