Extreme Celebrity Diets


With all eyes on them, celebrities often feel the pressure to stay slim.  While most stick to a strict regime of healthy nutrition and daily workouts, others have tried more unconventional ways to fight weight gain.  Here are a few of the most extreme diets, as tried and tested by your favorite stars.

The Five Hands Diet

This diet has been made famous by Victoria Beckham as the reason for her rapid post-baby weight loss.  Perpetually criticized for her tiny size zero frame, former Posh Spice works hard to keep her figure as lean and svelte as possible.  To get herself back to her pre-pregnancy shape, Victoria started on the Five Hands diet only 5 days after she gave birth.  Literally, this diet means that you can only eat 5 handfuls of food per day, and the contents of those portions are strictly controlled.  The tiny servings that she chose were based on smoked salmon, sushi, prawns with chilli, yellow-fin tuna and scrambled eggs.  These high-protein mini meals were balanced by green vegetables for natural carbs.  She also drank as much water as possible, and only ate tiny portions of goji berries as a low calorie snack to curb her hunger between meals.

Baby Food
Trim and toned Jennifer Aniston is an advocate of the Baby Food diet, which is exactly what the name suggests.  The reported benefits are that baby food is low in additives and preservatives, is easy to store, and contains enough nutrients to sustain your body.  The diet requires breakfast and lunch to be replaced with 14 jars of baby food, followed by a light and low calorie dinner.  Reese Witherspoon has also been reported to use the Baby Food diet to shed a few unwanted kilos.

The Master Cleanse

This is one of the most publicised extreme celebrities diet.  Beyoncé famously followed the strict detox diet for 10 days to shape up for her movie role in DreamgirlsDemi Moore and Ashton Kutcher also took to Twitter to keeps fans updated on their progress while using the Master Cleanse.  The principle of this detox is that for a minimum of 10 days, dieters drink lemonade made of fresh lemon juice, pure maple syrup, purified water and cayenne pepper.  No solids are to be eaten over the course of the detox.  Some extreme celebrities, such as Montel Williams, have stayed on the cleanse for over 26 days!  There’s no denying the results though, and with famous fans such as Jessica Simpson, who are we to argue?

Snooki’s Cookie Diet
The outspoken star of reality series Jersey Shore adheres to one of the strangest sounding diets in Hollywood:  the cookie diet.  She has achieved her weight loss through eating only protein packed cookies, and one small meal per day.  On the diet, up to six cookies can be consumed, with a calorie count of only 90 per serving.  Dreamed up by Dr. Siegal, this is definitely one of the more bizarre celebrity diets!

Detoxing Juice Spa

If you’re an A-List celebrity with a bit more time on your hands, then it’s time to check in to the luxurious We Care Spa.  Owned and directed by Susan Lombardi, clients of the spa are placed on an extreme juice diet.  No food is to be consumed during your time at We Care Spa, with the average stay being 3-4 weeks.  At $4000 dollars a week, it is a serious investment into health and well-being (if the advertisements are to be believed).  At the spa, they believe that juice is one of the most powerful cleansing and detoxing agents available.  In addition to daily colonics, guests are treated to juices which are created especially for the needs of the individual client.  Celebrities who have used this extreme treated to get slim include Ben Affleck, Uma Thurman and Matt Damon.

These extreme and often controversial celebrity diets may be a quick way to lose those excess kilos, but medical professionals urge caution when looking for long-term solutions.  A healthy lifestyle consisting of low-calorie, nutritious food and regular exercise is the best way to achieve your goals!

Written by Sasha K.

Sasha is a dietician. Her work has brought her to several continents around the world where she discovers diet secret from the wisdom of the local villagers. She is currently writing her ebook on low calorie snacks recipes. She is an adventurous gourmet traveler and loves to sample bizarre local cuisine.

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