Eight Curious Guinness World Records From South Africa

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Guinness World Records have continued to fascinate and amaze us since 1955. How tall was the tallest person to ever live? Who has the world’s largest natural breasts, and how big are they? If you’ve ever wanted to know the answers to these questions and much more, Guinness can tell you. Here are some of the most interesting world records from South Africa.

Oldest Person to Grow a Wisdom Tooth

Timotheus Louw was born in South Africa on June 27, 1922. When he was 80 years and 216 days old, he thought he had a splinter stuck in his gums. An x-ray on January 29, 2003 showed that he was actually growing a wisdom tooth in his top left gum.

Snake with the Longest Fangs

The gaboon viper of tropical Africa has the longest fangs of any snake. A six-foot long specimen had fangs measuring two inches long. The extremely venomous gaboon viper produces more venom than any snake and also inject venom more deeply. A single male has enough venom to kill 30 adult humans. They’re normally docile but can be incredibly speedy in short bursts.

Rarest Chameleon

The Smith’s dwarf chameleon is the rarest chameleon in the world. It is considered critically endangered, and it’s habitat is limited to a 2,258-square-mile area near Algoa Bay in South Africa.

Oldest Bungee Jumper

Mohr Keet was 96 years old when he bungeed jumped at Blaukrans Bungee CC in South Africa on April 10, 2010. Keet was born in South Africa on August 21, 1913.

Most Surfers Riding the Same Wave

The most surfers to ever ride the same wave simultaneously is 110 surfers. The event occurred at Muizenberg Beach in Cape Town, South Africa on October 4, 2009. It was organized by Kahuna Promotions as part of the Earthwave Beach Festival to promote awareness of climate change.

Most Steel Cans Collected in One Month

Collect-a-Can has organized steel can collections since 2007 when they set the first world record for most steel cans collection in one month. Since then, they have broken their record twice. The latest success occurred October 1-31, 2010, in which 2,656,284 steel cans were collected in South Africa. The cans weighed 182,827 pounds and 2 ounces total.

Tallest Swing

The tallest swing in the world measures 288 feet and 8 inches from the seat to the top of the bar. It was constructed by B!g Rush, and it was installed at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, South Africa on May 14, 2011. The swing seat was 29.5 feet above the ground, and participants were able to swing across the football field.

Oldest Regular Blood Donor

Maurice Creswick of South Africa donated his 380th unit of blood on May 12, 2010, making for a total of 45 gallons of blood donated over his lifetime. He was 84 years and 17 days old. He was born on April 25, 1926, and he gave his first blood donation in 1944 on his 18th birthday. He continues to give blood on a regular basis.

Author Byline: Maya Leaz works in Pretoria. She is currently attempting to learn Swahili in preparation for her move to Nairobi.

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