How to Become a Successful Artist


There are many artists out there, so how can you rise up to the occasion and become one of the best in the field? There are so many things you need to do and so many sacrifices you have to endure to become a reputable artist. Here are some tips on how you can transform from a commoner to a successful artist in a short span of time.

Learn how to draw well

In order to become a world-famous artist, you need to know how to draw. If you have a good control of your brush strokes, you are most likely to end up with phenomenal drawings. While you might be self-taught as an artist, it will help if you enroll in art courses or classes so you can learn the basics and advanced aspects of the craft with the help of experienced mentors.

Decide on your ‘specialization’

There are different types of art, and you need to know where you’re most interested in or where you excel most. Determining where you belong is important for you to succeed. If you love abstract painting and if you make a good batch of abstract art, then that’s your niche. The interest and talent should come hand in hand because you’re likely to fail if you excel in a genre you don’t like at all.

Practice makes perfect

All successful artists can attest to the truth that ‘practice makes perfect.’ Now that you know the niche where you want to hone your skills in, you need to devote a good amount of your time for practicing brushstrokes, shading, to name a few. What’s great about practicing the art styles that you like is that it won’t feel like such a burden at all because you love what you’re doing.

Accept criticism with open arms

Criticism is an essential part of an artist’s growth. You’re bound to receive evaluations along the way. Instead of frowning upon it, take into consideration what your critics have to say. They are analyzing your work to help you out, not to dampen your spirits. By keeping their opinions in mind, you can create artwork that is sure to impress art connoisseurs, critics, and fellow artists alike.

Showcase your work

Do you have paintings that you are particularly proud of? Don’t be shy to showcase them. You can sign up for amateur art exhibits at your school or community gallery.  Once given a slot, make sure to show your best work. It’s a good way for you to have the needed exposure. At the same time, it can help you make the needed adjustments and modifications as per the analysis and evaluation of art critics and fellow artists.

Establish a network

Many successful artists have become renowned because of the networks they have established. Make friends and establish connections at every class you attend in or every exhibit you show in. They might give the break you have always wanted.

Becoming a popular artist cannot be done easily. You need to invest time and practice a lot in order to succeed. Make sure to follow these tips on how to become a successful artist so you can become world-famous sooner or later.

Author Bio- Nahid Hasan is an Internet Marketing Professional in Outsource Bd and a part time blogger, and writing on various niche from last 4 years.

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