6 Tips to Shop Green and Save Money – It Can Be Done!

­­green-recycleGoing green does not have to be separate from saving money, especially when it comes to grocery shopping. Going green is just a matter of paying more attention to the environmental concerns of what you’re picking up, and some of the tactics which you would use to go green are the same ones that you can use to keep a few dollars off of your tab.  The more that you don’t spend, the faster you can achieve your dreams of financial independence.

In all honesty, I used to think that going green and saving money were two completely separate fields.  I was either doing one or the other, and didn’t ponder about the fact that I could simultaneously do both.  I quite enjoy putting my groceries into the canvas bags that I’ve brought to the supermarket.  

Packaging is Important – Cardboard and Glass

There are a lot of items in the supermarket which are packaged in plastic.  Plastic takes countless more years to degrade in our ecosystem than does cardboard.  You can more easily recycle the glass containers over the plastic ones.  When making the choice between two equally desirable items which come in different packaging, choose the ones which come in a cardboard box or a glass jar before the ones with plastic.

Pick Green

Hopefully, your supermarket is as stocked as mine is.  We have an expansive and impressive produce section, one which is rapidly becoming the envy of my area of town.  Going to the supermarket doesn’t mean that you have to bring home a million little plastic bags, just let the items that you pick out go naked.  The people at checkout will put your stuff into even more bags, so your goods will be well protected.

Choose The Lowest Common Denominator

Aim for foods in the supermarket which are closer to the raw ingredients.  Just like you would choose to have the best natural skin care products for the outside of your body, you want to choose the most natural and most pure products for the inside of your body.  The packaging of prepackaged meals has a coating of plastic on it, the sodium count is high, and it costs more than just purchasing the regular food.

Canvas Bags

When you have the opportunity, take canvas bags with you to the supermarket.  If more than half of the people who came into the supermarket used canvas bags, the employees of the market wouldn’t have to order as many overall.  If they don’t have to order as many, then that saves the store some cash, and it’s a little bit less of an environmental impact.

Other Things You Can Do

Buy in Bulk

bigger bags means that you don’t have to worry about as much packaging.  The items are the same, but instead of fifteen individually wrapped things, you have one giant wrapped thing which uses less material than the fifteen.  Buying in bulk also has the power to save you a lot of money.  Rice is an especially easy commodity to buy in bulk, and the results for purchasing it by the 15 or 20 pound bag are dramatic.

Hold Off

Wait until you have a list of things on your list before you go to the supermarket.  There are many people who will go to the grocery store for just one thing (I used to be one of those), but it’s honestly best to wait until you have at least five things on the list before you go.  That way, you are saving on the trips that you would be taking just to get to the store.

Enhance your shopping experience by

  • Saving Money
  • Going Green
  • Bringing a Friend

Bringing a friend with you can really put it altogether.  Having someone who’s in your corner who can spot all of the deals becomes priceless.  You are also carpooling with that friend, so you’re spending less on gas, saving on the wear and tear of your vehicle.  Your friend can also boost your willpower – if you’re hungry, they can talk you out of getting a huge container of pickled radishes.  

Grocery shopping becomes easier when you know that you’re also doing your part to help the environment.  It’s all about the little steps which you take, but soon those little steps become  habit, and those habits become patterns.  It all starts with a few simple steps.

Author Byline: Benjamin Baker is addicted to writing and researching.  He gets to the bottom of whatever task is at hand, whether it is finding out more about the products on http://www.mysensitiveskincare.com or investigating the ingredients in the MREs that he takes when he goes camping.  Benjamin lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and three busy teenagers.

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