How To Make Homemade Shower Gel

Unless you have a strong aversion to being clean and smelling nice, you probably use shower gel regularly.  But even if you only ever buy the super saver brand of shower gel that invariably comes in a violent shade of green and smells a bit strong, over time the cost soon adds up.  But fear not!  Making your own shower gel is not too difficult and if you find that you like the creative process, you have Christmas and birthdays all sewn up for years.  Everything you need to know is below.

Why Bother Making Homemade Shower Gel?

Making your own shower gel will save you money and it is lots of fun to make.  You can package your homemade shower gel in pretty bottles and give it to friends and family as a gift for Christmas or their birthdays. They will really appreciate a homemade gift created especially for them, with them in mind.  Homemade shower gel can easily be customized with different scents and ingredient to suit your personal tastes or that of who you aim to give it too, making the gesture appear even more personal.

How Easy is it to Make Your Own Shower Gel?

Making your own shower gel is a lot easier than you might think and you don’t need access to a chemistry lab to do it.  All soaps and shower gels are made from the same basic ingredients and the only difference between cheap and expensive shower gels is the extra ingredients such as perfume and moisturizing oils.

Basic Ingredients Required For Making Your Own Shower Gel

These are the basic ingredients you will need to create your own shower gel:

  • Leftover soap remnants
  • Essential oils
  • Food based coloring
  • A bottle or jar

Soap leftovers are neither use nor ornament most of the time.  They end up sitting in on the edge of the bath and collecting dust, or more often than not, end up getting thrown into the bin.  But rather than waste your soap scraps, use them constructively by recycling them into a brand new shower gel.

How to Make an Easy Shower Gel

Add one cup of left over soap fragments and one cup of water to a pan.  Place the pan over heat and warm up the mixture gently until the soap melts.  Keep stirring the concoction until the soap is thoroughly combined with the water and has turned into a nice, smooth mixture.  Take the gel mixture off the heat and leave to cool.  Once it has cooled off, it is time to add essential oils, herbs, fruit extracts, spices and fragrances: be very careful when using essential oils and always follow the instructions as to suggested amounts.

How to Customize Your Homemade Shower Gel

This is the stage of the process when you can experiment to your heart’s content. Try different combinations of ingredients on test samples of shower gel; some ingredients complement each other whereas others may not.  Make a note of everything you use and how much of each ingredient you add.  That way, if it works you can reproduce the recipe, but if it is an unmitigated disaster, you won’t make the same mistake again.

There are lots of ways you can customize your homemade shower gel.  Different ingredients can be added to create different scents.  You can also add essential oils to soothe or moisturize your skin. You can even add exfoliating ingredients to turn your basic shower gel into a body polishing scrub.

What Can I Add to Homemade Shower Gel to Make it Extra Special?

Aloe Vera gel is excellent for the skin and if added to homemade shower gel, it will tone or soothe sunburned skin.  Wheat germ oil is rich in Vitamin E, which makes it the perfect addition to homemade shower gel.  Other soothing ingredients you might wish to consider are lavender oil, sandalwood oil, tea tree oil and chamomile.  For maximum deodorizing qualities, try adding lemongrass, peppermint, or bergamot.

Even men can enjoy showering with homemade shower gels so give it a try; you’ll have some great gifts come Christmas time!


  1. Homemade shower gel is easy to make using liquid soap, aloe vera gel, essential oils and pectin. Using this method, you can customize the shower gel for your specific skin type by choosing your essential oil. This recipe makes approximately 3-½ cups of homemade shower gel, which will keep for up to 30 days in the shower. Does this Spark an idea?

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