Can Cosmetic Surgery Cure Mental Problems?

Can going under the knife help cure issues in the mind? Is our self-image governed by physical appearance? Who can benefit most from these surgeries?


Many people are undergoing cosmetic surgical procedures at a very young age. Does it help them to lead a better life? Is there any relationship with the mental state of a person undergoing cosmetic procedures before and after the procedure? Here, the pros and cons of the situation are looked at in some detail.

Our Beautiful World

The current world is obsessed with physical beauty. Everywhere you look around you, you will notice perfect looking, and well-groomed people. They are always showcasing their perfection on television shows, movies, red carpet events, runways etc.

In such an atmosphere, any person who lacks in physical beauty is likely to feel inadequate. It is a natural feeling in human beings, our basic nature. When it comes to teenagers, who are trigger-happy by nature and who gets good and bad ideas from all sources, they can find it really hard to cope with their lack of perfection.

Why Physical Issues can Become Mental Issues

As people try to get a date and potentially try to convert these dates into their spouses or lifelong partners, the physical beauty of a person can play a really important part in making or breaking their fortunes. Those people who are not so well-endowed physically are unlikely to find these dates a walk in the park. Of course, this feeling of inadequacy and fear of being rejected by your potential dates is a powerfully depressing feeling. Those suffering may find it very hard to tackle the loneliness and sorrow they feel in such a situation.

Many businesses tend to hire people who are good-looking so that their potential customers are likely to look positively on them. This is especially true about customer support job positions where the person has to interact with a large number of people. As such, it is harder for “ugly” people to get jobs in these positions. This leads to feelings of depression.

Human beings are known to side with better-looking men and women than their uglier counterparts. This has been proven through studies conducted on the jury verdicts in US courts. When the accused person is good looking by nature, the jury is much more likely to acquit him or her than is the case with an uglier accused. Obviously, this is not a good trait of human beings, but this is reality and cannot be avoided.  This can lead to people simply feeling they are not ‘good’, all based simply on their appearance – something that they cannot control.

Cosmetic Surgery as a Catalyst for Change

Until now. Developments in the fields of medical science and technology have made it possible for people to alter their looks. A large number of people are using cosmetic surgical procedures to get rid of their bad physical traits and also to enhance or improve their weaker features. These procedures are available for men and women alike and are sought by both genders in large numbers. In fact, teenagers as young as 16 years old are undergoing these procedures to fine-tune their looks.

As an example, when it comes to women, the size of their breasts is a major issue that can affect their self-esteem levels sharply. Some of these women have really small breasts that are superficially unlikely to impress their boyfriends, dates or husbands, but more importantly can lead them to feel un-womanly. In some other cases, woman who have huge breasts can gain unwanted attention, or can feel they are not being taken seriously as a contemporary. Women may suffer from uneven size breasts where one breast is significantly smaller or bigger than the other one. In some other cases, the nipple can be much bigger or smaller than normal. Sagging breasts are another common problem faced by women. A cosmetic surgeon can tackle all these problems with a very high level of success rate.

Excessive hair formation on the back or chest is a common problem faced by men. They can have excessive fat accumulation around their stomach area or neck and may feel bad about this situation. Again, a qualified cosmetic surgeon can tackle these problems head on and get rid of these problems for the affected person.


Mental issues related to self-esteem is a serious problem for men and women alike. Of course, women are currently slightly more body conscious than men, and are hence likely to suffer more due to the condition. Lack of self-confidence can prevent them from making full use of the opportunities that come into their lives. If a person is worried a lot about an aspect of their body, they may find it hard to reach their full potential.

By undergoing cosmetic surgical procedures, any person can get rid of the weaker aspects of their face and body. The money spent for this purpose can be easily recuperated in the form of peace of mind and better self confidence levels that you gain for the rest of your life.

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Guest Post by Cosmetic Surgery Clinic – Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic surgeons in London.

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