White Wine Vs. Red Wine

Many people have a preference to either rich red wine or white wines. The seeds and skin are not usually used when making white wine. The skins are removed and yeast is added so the juice can ferment. People like white wine for its aroma and fruity flavor.

Rich Body and Color in Red Wines

When people visit a winery, they will learn many facts about both red and white wines in the wine tasting room. Dark red and black grapes are used for making red wines. The grapes are crushed with the skins and fermented, usually for one to two weeks. Red wines get their richer flavor by using the dark grapes with their skins, which have natural compounds and give the red wine its body. A natural chemical called Tannins found in the skins of red grapes is the biggest difference between red and white wines. This natural chemical, Tannins, is what gives red wines its rich color and flavors.

Antioxidant Found in Red Wines

An antioxidant called Resveratrol is found its red grapes. This antioxidant is contributed to helping prevent bad cholesterol, avoid blood vessel damage and blood clots. Red wines are made with the skins and the grapes are fermented longer, which gives the red wine more of the antioxidant, Resveratrol.

Calories in Red and White Wines

Many people think that red wines contain a larger amount of calories than white wines. In fact, the difference is very little. Red wines contain about 74 calories in a three to five once glass and white wine contain about 70 calories for the same size glass. White wines usually contain a few less calories but this to can change depending on the wines.

Benefits of Wines

Even with the powerful antioxidant from the red wine skins, researchers are not sure if red wine is healthier than white wine. Just because people believe that red wines will raise good cholesterol levels, help avoid heart diseases, and keep their arteries from being damaged, does not mean that red wine is healthier than white wine.

Researchers have studied the absorption of non-heme iron in people who drink both red and white wine, with controlled meals. It was proven that white wine is absorbed two to three times more effectively in the system than white wines. Red wine has little to no significance of absorption of iron because of the Polyphenols that are found in red wines. Polyphenols prevent the absorption of iron into the body.

People learn many useful facts about wines when visiting a wine tasting room and can choose the wine that best fits their tastes.

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