Environmentally Friendly Careers

Environmental protection is arguably the most serious challenge we face in contemporary times.   Globalization, energy consumption, population explosion, and the rapid densification of urban spaces are issues that exert enormous influence over everything from politics to business to health.  Recognizing this, more and more people are beginning to gravitate toward work with an emphasis on ecological accountability.  This shift is occurring on both sides of the business world: on the part of job seekers and employers alike. 

If we are to have any hope of preserving our invaluable natural resources for future generations, we will all need to start putting the environment at the forefront of our professional lives.  Here are today’s top eco-friendly professions:


Freshwater scarcity and groundwater pollution are two issues of grave importance today.  This job is in high demand, pays well, and involves outdoor work and travel.  Hydrologists study and monitor agricultural watersheds, water table purity, the impact of fracking, the repercussions of salt-water conversion plants, and much more. 

Alternative Energy Technician

Wind- and solar-energy plants are beginning to proliferate around the world, and the demand for skilled technicians capable of servicing them is increasing exponentially.  For the mechanically skilled, and those who love working with their hands, this is a wonderful job opportunity. 

Energy Auditor

Energy auditors are independent consultants hired by companies of all sizes and specialties throughout the world.  They study business practices and infrastructure to determine where and how the company can become more environmentally efficient. 

Eco-Tourism Expert

Traditional tourism has serious environmental repercussions.  From airplane emissions to cultural disruptions to rampant hotel waste, vacationers inadvertently damage the planet in countless ways.  Ecotourism has been gaining momentum in recent years as organizations crop up to deal with wide-ranging issues, such as how to create sustainable low-impact touristic infrastructures, how to support local cultures instead of effacing them, and how to circumvent the so-called ‘Human Zoo’ effect. 

Urban Planner

Our urban spaces are becoming more densely populated every day, and most of them are terribly inefficient from an environmental standpoint.  The job of urban planners is to design and implement city spaces that reduce energy consumption, increase transportation efficiency, and contribute to sustainable, livable metropolitan environments. 

Putting an emphasis on the environment is not only good for the planet; it also makes good business sense.  If employers want to attract and retain today’s top talent, they need to establish a working ethos employees can be proud of.  Ecologically minded companies can also cut energy costs, protect themselves against government sanctions, and even secure federal subsidies.  Of course, environmental welfare is also important to consumers; so companies that ‘go green’ are in a much better position to build a community of loyal patrons. 

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Article Provided By: Ultimately, what is good for the Earth is good for all those who depend upon it––whether they are corporations, employees, or customers. Thanks to Legalweekjobs.com for helping put this list together – check them out for environmental law jobs in the UK.

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