Popcorn & a Laptop – Pros and Cons of Watching Movies Online

It’s really no longer possible to claim that watching movies and tv online are phases that will pass and fade out with time.  With so many people watching movies and television on their computers and mobile devices, the concept has definitely arrived. 

And like with any incredibly popular technology, there are both pros and cons to using it. 


Some of the pros of watching movies and television online include:

  • Private Viewing – With a proper wifi connection, you can literally venture off to any corner of your home, or even right outside, to watch tv movies, commercial-free movies or anything else online.  For times when you just want to watch it alone, watching online is the way to go.
  • Convenience – The convenience of watching movies online is a huge pro for most people.  With your laptop or even your mobile device, you can watch at home, at work, at some restaurants and coffee shops and libraries.  The list of places that offer free wifi continues to grow, and with it the convenience factor of watching tv and movies online.
  • Programming Selection – If you are hooked up with a provider that offers ‘On Demand’ type programming, you will be able to choose from a big list of movies and television shows to watch whenever you like. 


Many people that watch tv and movies online would argue that there are no cons, but you may be able to squeeze out one of two if you try.

  • The Cinematic Experience – If you really enjoy the experience of going to the movies, then there may be times that watching online won’t be quite as gratifying.  With an action movie or other type of film that lends itself to the big screen and the sounds of the theater, watching on your laptop or phone won’t have quite the same effect.
  • Internet Crash – It is true that in order to watch tv and movies online, you must have a working internet connection.  So, if your internet is down for whatever reason, watching online won’t be possible at all until it is fixed. 
  • Illegal Downloads – A lot of users don’t consider illegal downloads a con since they do it all the time, but dealing with fringe type websites can end up causing a lot of problems.  Your computer may get hacked, you may pick up a virus downloading movies or you may get in trouble with the law.  Stick to a legitimate provider and you’ll get much better service.
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