America Declares a Green Revolution

An upsurge in the support for a better environment through various “going green” campaigns in the recent years is not accidental. The adverse effects of careless attitude towards our planet have impacted quite negatively on our collective health. You may be surprised to discover that even the roofs of our homes can be environmental hazards, but roofing companies in Hawaii are among the many supporters of this green campaign.

If you have been following the news in the topic of going green, you should be familiar with the ban placed on incandescent light bulbs in countries like Canada, Ireland, Philippines, Cuba, UK, the European Union and the US. Australia also is not left behind in this campaign and if you are an enthusiast of the better environment, you would be happy to know that the Australian government organized and sponsored the “Green Expo” where environmentally-healthy products were showcased for four days to encourage the citizens of the country as well as the tourists to embrace the switch to green products usage.

Have you noticed the way Japan is dealing with its 30 feet snow level? Snow is gathered during the winter and stored in order to employ it in cooling the country airport in summer. This eco-friendly approach reduces pollution that would have resulted from the use of conventional means of cooling and also achieves a cut of about 30% in cooling costs.

As a leader in a lot of positive issues, the United States contributes consistently to the “going green” campaigns. Though still behind some countries in Europe, the US has advanced greatly in reducing electronic wastes and we now see many companies such as Dell and Apple taking back cell phones and computers for recycling, encouraging customers to participate in such programs by giving a gift card in exchange. But it is not only about electronic waste: 2006 was a year when USA reached a notable landmark of having 53% of its paper waste being recycled.

The news of Chicago officials’ decision in replacing the black tar roof of the city government’s building with a green roof in the form of a planted garden was another famous eco-friendly initiative. The idea initiative has been embraced wholeheartedly by other people in the state of Illinois.

Hawaii is another state that invests a great deal of effort in eco-friendly initiatives. Here you are eligible to various assistance and event grants from the government if you decide to. Experienced and professional roofing companies in Hawaii, along with leaders all over the world are moving forward to a healthier environment and better future for us all.

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