5 Groundbreaking TED Talks For Business Startups

TED, which is short for Technology, Education, Design, aims to discuss virtually every intelligent idea in the world and put it on the internet. Savvy business owners know to take advice from anywhere, as long as it’s from a reputable source. These five experts may have differing views on business, but they all can teach methods and concepts that will help your business and improve your bottom line.

Chip Conley on Making People Happy

Chip Conley is an author and hotel owner who started Joie de Vivre Hospitality. He suggests that rather than money and prestige, people should chase what makes them happy when it comes to business. Contrary to most business theories, he feels that producing numbers and making a large profit should not be the measure of your business’ success; your business should be judged on whether at the end of the day you are happy and satisfied.

Rory Sutherland on Details

Rory Sutherland is an ad executive, which may make him particularly experienced at what he claims is what’s wrong with many businesses: flashy and intricate solutions. He talks about finding solutions to your business problems by looking for the smallest details and paying attention to what may seem obvious and right under your nose. He illustrates this concept with a number of hilarious, true life examples using behavioral economics.

Simon Sinek on Inspiring Action

All business is a process of inspiring action. You want to inspire customers to buy your products or services. Simon Sinek shows what motivates customers to choose the products that they do. He talks about how organizations, leaders and companies should stop marketing products by talking about the “how” and “what” of the thing, and instead concentrate on the “why” of the transaction. Why they’re different, why you do what you do, why they should purchase yours instead of the other company’s.

Seth Godin on Getting Your Ideas to Spread

Seth Godin is a star-quality entrepreneur and social media expert. He talks about how to make your startup business stand out in a huge internet world filled with similar products and customers who are strapped for time. He explains how and why you should stop advertising to average customers, since they are too skilled at ignoring your message. Godin points out the brands that are doing this new marketing right, and shows how they achieved their success.

Larry Smith on Failure

Larry Smith is an economics professor, and he it tired of watching people fail to reach their ultimate potential, simply because they are willing to settle for the safe route through life. He thinks it is almost criminal when people settle for dead end jobs and lackluster careers, just because they are afraid to follow their dreams and their passions. He wonders why people would settle for seeing their families as their jailers and their daily life as a prison. This talk is a great motivator for procrastinating would-be startup business owners.

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Author Byline: Don Fielding is a business executive and guest author at Top Business Degrees, where he contributed to the roundup of the Top 10 Must See TED Talks for Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

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