3 Reasons Why the Music Industry Needs You!

‘Without music, life would be a mistake.’
Friedrich Nietzsche

You may be thinking that the music industry is full of talented, ambitious people – and you would be right. But with so many different roles to move into, there are some really exciting opportunities that present numerous avenues for people to work in.

You may not have a voice like Jessie J, or the ability to create harmonies like the boys from One Direction, but what if you have a flair for management or an ear for sound? Success within the music industry isn’t all about a person’s voice but rather about how it’s all put together – including the musicians and of course, the management.

So, what are the top reasons why the music industry needs you?

1. All singers need a song

Believe it or not, many singers do not write their own lyrics. The words that are expressed so passionately through tuneful song are down to those people who have a raw talent for putting words together. Many people believe the hardest thing to do write is a song; due to the openness of feelings that are expressed and emotion that is obvious when it is played. With so many different songs to sing; angry, love, sad, cheesy, it’s a talent to create something that catches the attention of an audience. The type of person that can produce such hits is a rarity so if you know there is something you can provide; the music industry may just have a spot for you.

2. All musicians need a manager

You may not get the limelight, but you deserve the biggest proportion of credit for any successful band. The management of any person is hard enough, but try managing multiple people whilst at the same time throwing parties, awards ceremonies, the press and a personal life in to the mix.
Understanding what it takes to manage a band or artist is a big deal, and not everyone is cut out for it. By undertaking the training from necessary schools or colleges, you will already have a head start in what to expect and have the tools ready to take on the responsibility to make a band big in the music world.

3. All bands need musicians

The music makers are the crucial element of any band resulting in so many different reasons why the music industry would need talented players of a variety of instruments from the drums to the piano. Again, you may not be entirely in the spotlight, but the power you hold to really make the difference falls entirely with the melodies and plan created.

So, you don’t think you can crack one of the toughest industries in the world? Think again, with the right coaching, advice and schooling, there are more ways than one to develop your passion of the music industry without being a world class singer.

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This guest blog was written by Jenny Pilley on behalf of Tech Music School, one of the leading music colleges operating in the UK today.

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