Ways to Give Back Without Spending Any Money

Just about everyone wants to give a little something to those in need.  Whether it is donating to a good cause that serves the poor, wildlife, shelters, or medical research, or donating goods and services to others who are needy, giving back is good for the soul and can make you feel wonderful, knowing that your actions and contributions have helped make someone else’s life better.

Not everyone can afford to make donations on a regular basis, however.  As it becomes increasingly difficult to afford housing and necessities in today’s economy, more people are scaling back on their expenses and their donations.  Whereas in years past they may have been able to make small or large donations to worthy causes, nowadays, it may not be possible at all.  This is evident in the non-profit sector’s annual reports, where it is clear that the donations they have been receiving have dwindled, keeping them from fulfilling their own goals.

Nevertheless, there are still ways you can give back, even in times when your wallet may be too tight to donate money.

Give Away Your Old Stuff

From used clothes to books, computers, and electronics, there are many organizations out there that collect these valuable items as donations and then give them out to those in need.  Even if your used equipment is damaged or old, it can be refurbished and then given away or recycled to keep the toxic elements found in electronics out of the environment.  And if you have old clothes that do not fit you anymore, or the style just does not appeal to you anymore, dropping it off at any one of the many non-profits that collect clothing for people in need at home and abroad is a great way to keep the clothes out of the trash and in hands that can make good use of them.  Shoes, too, can be given away, but they usually should be in decent condition in order to be worn properly.

Charity Credit Cards

There are several credit cards available that will donate a portion of the sales you charge.  In this way, every time you make a purchase, you are also making a donation to a worthy cause of your choice.  If there is a particular organization that you would love to contribute to, check out their website for ways to donate and to see if they offer a special credit card that will donate a percentage of sales to the charity.  You do not need to pay anything at all, but rather simply use your credit card anywhere you shop, whether in stores or online, and you have the peace of mind of knowing that your money is also working towards a great cause.


Many non-profits do not need money as much as they need manpower.  Volunteering for an organization whose work you admire will not only enable you to experience new things and meet great new people, but it will also allow the organization to continue its important mission, thanks to people like you who are willing to help out.

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Article Provided By: You do not need to feel helpless if you cannot afford to donate to your favourite charity.  Instead, donate supplies, volunteer your time, or sign up for charity credit cards to help out.

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