Top 5 Best Dressed Women of Color On Television

Um, sure, the twisty plotlines, laughs and romantic drama on TV are all really great, but what I’m really looking for is the fashion. Watching some of the powerful women strut their stuff, decked out in a lustrous combination of designer fashion, is the cherry on top for today’s best TV shows.  Yes on the Herve Leger bandage dress, no on the feathered skirt.  It is no longer such a shocker to see women on color on in today’s TV shows so if you’re on the prowl for outfit ideas or you just want to fantasize about having the costume budget from your fave shows, check out some of the best dressed characters of color and why you should worship their style.

Olivia Pope, “Scandal”

Played by Kerry Washington, Olivia Pope turns the PR and marketing world on its head as a professional person fixer-upper.  As a seriously smart woman who doesn’t mess around, Olivia’s style reflects just that.  Each outfit she wears is tailored, sleek and chic.  She focuses on the classics, can definitely work a business suit and paired with sky high Louboutins she has no qualms about marching into the white house and whipping the President into shape.  Wearing minimal accessories, Olivia shows just the right amount or skin to exude an undeniable sex appeal while remaining business appropriate.

Ashley Davenport, “Revenge”

ABC’s sleeper hit “Revenge” has exploded and each character is coming into her own. While it’s usually Emily who steals the spotlight with her style, she’s not the only character to rock a look on the show. Ashley has the fans divided squarely between those that love her and those that hate her, but everyone can agree that she has killer fashion sense. Expect to see her in prim dresses, edgy casual wear and uber-girly skirts. She also knows how to cinch her waist with the perfect belt, which makes me want to go spend an insane amount of money on leather to get the look.  Ashley Davenport’s day to day style may even rival that of her character, her style blog has gained quite the following of girls interested in taking a peak as Ashley’s personal style.

Mindy, “The Mindy Project”

Mindy Kaling is one of those girls who would make the best BFF ever, especially if she let you borrow clothes from her closet. When she relaxes, she wears real-girl clothes from brands like Madewell and J. Crew. On her nights out, she rocks Herve Leger like it’s her job. Did I mention she’s also that BFF that you kind of hate for being pretty and funny at the same time? Because after seeing her in a party dress, I’m nursing a serious fictional love/hate relationship with her.   It should be stated that we don’t see girls with her figure in a lead role of their OWN tv show.  Mindy Kaling rocks every outfit, without hiding her figure, instead embracing it and truly wearing her clothes opposed to letting the outfits wear her.

If you’re bored with your look and want to change things up, look no further than the hottest women of color on TV. They’re taking risks, busting barriers and looking seriously hot at the same time. Um, anyone want to go shopping?

Bonnie Bennett, “The Vampire Diaries

What other modern show do you get to see the characters regularly dressed up for balls, dances and the occasional Halloween party? Kat Graham‘s Bonnie Bennett gets to have all the fun. While she dresses like your typical teen by day, she wows for all the right stuff. Of course, she also rocks the standard issue “Vampire Diaries” leather jacket that every cast member ends up wearing every now and again. And, because she gets to take part in flashback, she even gets to wear period costumes in certain scenes – swoon!

Mercedes Jones, “Glee”

One of the reasons that I love Mercedes’ wardrobe on “Glee” is that it’s super-accessible for the young shopper. Mercedes character rocks reasonably priced, trendy pieces from places like Forever 21 mixed with the perfect amount of confidence, proving that voluptuous women can work the trends just as well as anyone else.  Nope, you won’t see Mercedes swallowed in over-sized duds to “make-up” for her plus sized fierceness.   Instead, tight tunics, skinny jeans and heels are all par for the course, so her style is just as impressive as her voice. Don’t forget her crazy awesome accessories – hats, boots, scarves and vests make up a covetable closet that you’d actually be able to afford.

BIO: Emiah Gardner is a write for, lover of fashion basics, and avid kayaker.  To contact Emiah and talk to her about pop-culture/reality TV, follow her on Twitter.


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