Reduce Your Energy Bill

Over recent months I have started looking at my bills. Not because I am on the breadline; but because I have noticed I just have less left over at the end of the month. Less money at the end of the month means less fun and fewer pounds in savings for me. It was getting serious!

If the struggling global economy has taught us anything it’s that there are always ways to save money without a disruption in service or overlooking quality. I have discovered that your gas bill is no different; whether you’re dealing with a business or your own home. Luckily, you have plenty of options in the when it comes to natural gas providers – so many options, in fact, that it can be a challenge picking out the best gas provider.

So here are four tips I’d like to share with you that I found helpful to reduce my gas bill:

1) Simple Steps Add Up

When is the last time you thoroughly checked your home or office? Start with your thermostat. During hot or warm months if you have air conditioning,  turn it up about 10 degrees when your home or office is vacant, or turn it down 10 degrees in the autumn or winter. You can also slightly adjust your water heater by lowering the temperature. Keep all vents clear, make good use of fans and use curtains, shades or blinds when or where necessary. If you like your roaring log fire you should also make sure their fireplace damper is closed when not in use. Simple austerity measures can mean an extra night out every couple of months; not to the Ritz but perhaps to the cinema.

2) Who’s Your Provider? Determine How Much You’re Spending on an Average Month

If you’re moving to a new location, do you know all the local gas providers? Even people who have used the same gas provider for years can forget which company they are using. Let’s face it gas is no-one’s top priority is it? But as simple as it sounds you cannot do any comparison shopping if you don’t know who your gas provider is or which companies serve your area. If you’ve used the same provider for ages go over your monthly bills to see how much you’re paying on average during high and low months. You’ll need this information for the next step.

3) Shop Around for the Best Deal

You have choices these days when it comes to gas providers. Luckily, you can do much of your research by going online. A search of gas providers in your area will turn up several choices. However, the lowest-priced plan isn’t necessarily the best plan for your particular needs. That’s why you’ll want to do a little research first. And just because a company is large and advertises heavily doesn’t necessarily make them the best choice, either. Companies will always pass along to the consumer the cost of those marketing and/or advertising efforts. Obviously there are price comparison sites available now too, which really cut down on my research time.

4) Ask Around, Check Online Reviews

Not satisfied with your gas provider? Ask other business owners or homeowners who they use. And you can find consumer reviews online for many, if not most, of the gas providers in your area.

Why It’s Important

A struggling global economy mixed with increasing energy prices can be a bad combination for a business owner’s bottom line or a homeowner’s wallet. But you can take these steps to reduce your monthly gas bill, which could include finding a new provider. Either way, a few steps can eventually save you or your business hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds… I am not saving thousands but the few quid I am saving are going into my rainy day fund.  I got so gassed off with over-paying that I finally did something about it. Will you?

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