Why Is Looking At Clutter Stressful?

Our visual sense has a strong effect on our mood.

Whilst some people can work on a desk that is covered with papers, with empty coffee cups festooning any empty surface, computer cables in a tangle and pens scattered everywhere, most people find that if they sit at an orderly desk which looks organized, they feel they will be more productive and efficient.

Organization Is Visually Appealing

The Chinese Art of Feng Shui recognizes this and places a large amount of emphasis on the visual way in which groups of furniture and objects are ranged together so that they are pleasing on the eye and visually appealing.

The same principle is at work with our clothes. Wear odd shoes and no matter how comfortable they both feel, you will look and feel a bit of a mess. The same applies if a button is missing on your coat or your handbag strap is fraying.

Making Your Home Look Attractive

There are literally hundreds of blogs out on the web on how to organize your life and your time better and many concentrate on how you can run your house more efficiently and make it look attractive.

One of the top tips I see over and over is keeping your kitchen countertops clean and wiped and making sure that all the dishes are put away at night. That way, when you come down to the kitchen in the morning you’ve started with a clean slate and your brain gets the message from the look of the room that things are in order and your day can begin.

Take time to walk through your flat or house with your eyes open and see how you can give it more visual appeal. Take a notepad with you. Go into every room and think to yourself; is there any clutter in here that could do with being cleared out? Is the furniture ranged in the right way to make the room look inviting and comfortable?

Look at the use of a room with fresh eyes. You may have a dining room you hardly use. How about turning it into a proper study or a den for the teenagers? Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in what is familiar that we don’t really see our surroundings properly. So keep an open mind, take a fresh look and see what changes you can make.

Author Byline: Charlotte blogs for Direct Sight, leaders in online glasses.

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