Lose Weight While You Work

Losing weight can be tough for anyone, especially for those who sit behind a desk all day. Other than casual walks to the coffee machine and bathroom, exercising is probably out of the question. Then, add family commitments and social events to the equation. The 9-to-5 rat race leads to a pretty sedentary lifestyle.

And while eating leafy greens and power yoga sessions are few and far between, sitting at your desk all day is a great way to pack on the pounds. Instead, here are six simple tasks to help you lose weight while you work:

B.Y.O.S. (Bring Your Own Snack)

Co-workers are great; we all love them (if you’re lucky). But the temptation to eat birthday cake or fast food is much greater if you work with other people. Bringing your own snack is a great way to curb those cravings. So, next time a co-worker offers you a delightful red velvet cupcake from a local bakery, politely decline and reach for a granny smith apple instead.

Use a stability ball as an office chair

The stability ball makes a perfect substitute for your desk chair. This ball of fun can activate good posture and the tightening of core muscles, which can result in killer abdominals. Try to spend 30 minutes twice a day on the stability ball rather than your desk chair…your abs will thank you later.

Drink lots of water

Drinking water is a great weight loss tactic. And while the company vending machine may be just down the hall, drinking water is a great way to increase your metabolism and stay hydrated throughout the day. Plus, replacing sugary beverages like soda or sweet tea with water can reduce your daily calorie in take. Oh, culligan man!

Fidget with Fervor

While it might not be very attractive, every spastic foot tap or hair twirl can help you effortlessly burn calories while you work. Research shows that those who fidgeted at work had a higher level of energy than those who rested in their chairs. Start burning calories now by squirming in your seat.

Stretch at your desk

Stretching at your desk can ease stiffness and boost energy. And energy burns calories. So, while your enjoying your afternoon cup of Joe or racking your brain over your next big idea, reach out and stretch your arms, then your neck and lower back. It will help you lose weight and feel great too.

Get up and move around

Breaking up the workday by causal walks around the office is a great way to increase circulation. And now, walking has been shown to help people lose weight by curbing their cravings for sugar snacks. Put the chocolate bar down and take a quick walk. An afternoon walk is also a great workday distraction.

Losing weight at work isn’t going to be easy. Try to keep your desk and office refrigerator stocked with healthy snacks that will help you curb cravings. Drink water instead of sugary, high-calorie drinks. Stretch and fidget—these tactics are great calorie burners. And taking brisk, ten-minute walks will all help you avoid temptations at the vending machine and office parties.

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Author Byline: Stephanie Brown is an entrepreneur who enjoys writing about health and fitness. In addition to exercising and weight training, Stephanie uses body wraps for weight loss. This spa treatment is a great way to lose a few extra pounds—quickly too.

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