Have You Ever Dumped a Guy Because He Was Too Nice?

Happily Married

I am a 48 year old happily married (or so I thought!!) man with two beautiful daughters who look just like their beautiful mother. We have a fabulous house with two fabulous cars and take two equally fabulous holidays each year. I work just as hard as the next guy but not over and above the norm. I don’t spend hours in the pub with my pals or weekends on the golf course. I like to think of myself as an amiable caring understanding lovable husband and father. So you can imagine my shock and devastation on finding out that my perfectly happy and idyllic life appears to have been a figment of my imagination for the last twelve months.

The Gym Membership

It all started with the gym membership. One membership that my wife had never expressed an interest in before or rather had always mocked those that did. The new trainers came first then copious amounts of black lycra. All very innocent until the gym sessions turned into evening ‘running late please cook the girls some dinner ‘ kind of sessions. It was not until my friend’s wife rang me for a chat that the quiet dread lurking in the back of my mind was suddenly brought full force to the front. It seemed her husband had exactly the same gym routine as my wife. Feeling a bit too squeamish to bungle my own way in to catching them out, I thought what better way than to enlist the services of a private detective!

Private Investigator

So my partner in crime and myself were relieved to hand all our suspicions over to a very helpful private investigator. After explaining the situation we were told by the investigator that as we already knew their rendezvous tracking their vehicles would not be of much help and suggested surveillance as the best solution to find the truth. He planned to start the next evening. I must admit I had a very sleepless night after making such a difficult decision but knew I had to know one way or another before leaping into an unknown future. The investigator was to carry out a thorough undercover surveillance operation posing as a new gym member enabling him to capture covert photographic and video footage of any illicit behaviour between my wife and what I thought was my best friend.

A Nervous Wait

A very nervous few hours were spent by us. Our fate was firmly in the investigator’s hands. My wife returned home and all was well until the next morning when our investigator called confirming our worst fears. He had conclusive evidence in the form of eye witness account, photos and video footage, the most damning of which was of the two spouses saying goodbye in the car park. There was no mistaking their deceit now. The humiliation of confronting my wife was now all that was left for me to do.

All My Fault

Apparently it was all my own doing. I was just too nice, too loving and in short, plain boring. I suppose the moral of my story is if we had had more communication I feel that we could have overcome and maybe resolved our issues.

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One thought on “Have You Ever Dumped a Guy Because He Was Too Nice?

  1. This is a terrible story, and I truly feel your pain. I consider myself a very, very “nice guy” and that’s a personality trait that I don’t see myself changing. Ofcourse the media portrays men women want to be daring, bad boy risk-takers, and the truth is that that persona just isn’t me, nor will it ever be. The sooner you can accept who you are, the sooner you can get back to finding the RIGHT person to spend the rest of your life with. The journey isn’t over, it’s only the beginnins.

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