Are You Single And Ready To Mingle?

Your hair’s done. Your nails, tan and body butter applied, so you smell every bit as lovely as you look. You walk into the bar, buy yourself a drink and where do you start? Who do you talk to and what do you talk about? Here your golden tips on how to work a room.

o    Look out for people standing alone. Just because they’re not standing with a large group of people doesn’t mean they’re strange. There could be lots of different reasons and going to speak to them could give you both a bit of a confidence boost.
o    Don’t stand staring around the room, waiting for people to approach you. Smile, have fun and enjoy the night. Remember, desperation is very easy to show without knowing it.
o    Make small talk with people at the bar. You never know who you could meet and it’s easier to make small talk at a bar rather than approaching a big group of people.
o    Always make sure you and your wing woman/man don’t look too deep in conversation. No-one wants to interrupt. Face the room and try to mingle separately.
o    Eat before you go out. Even if there is a buffet, you are unlikely to meet someone while you’re huddled in a corner with a plate full of food.
o    Don’t get too comfortable with the first people you meet. Remember you are here to mingle.
o    Approach a range of different people to slowly build your confidence before you go in for the hottie you have seen in the corner. This will also ensure you have something to talk about.
o    Listen to each other and don’t be thinking what the next subject should be. It’s a conversation, not an interview.
o    Keep eye contact. Don’t scan the room for your next target. Then again, if you find you are doing this, move on – you are obviously not interested at all.
o    Look for other people who find themselves now in your situation and invite them into your group.
o    Feel free to offer your number in the form of a business card but maybe talk a little about what you do first, so you don’t look too forward.
o    People say to leave early and leave them wanting more, which is ok if you have made a good impression, but if you leave and someone after you makes a better impression who do you think will be the one on their mind?

Article Provided By: Mingling practice is very important not only for dating but also networking for your business, Mary Hooper writes here on behalf of

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