The Coolest Actors Over 40

When it comes to being cool, few people’s swagger lasts beyond their younger years. We’re thus given a plethora of young, hip and in superstars while the amount of truly cool celebs gets thinner as the age group gets older. There are however, a blessed chosen few, who are as cool now as they were fifteen years ago. Nay, these people are actually cooler than they were in their younger years as their age provides them with a refined, elegant and graceful demeanor that only comes with genuine life experience. The acting world is where these can best be found, and here are the coolest of the bunch.

Denzel Washington

There is simply no man or woman alive that will genuinely refute the claim that Denzel Washington is one sharp individual. Just think back to his roles in Training Day and American Gangster and you’ll come to understand why.

In fact, it is arguable that his swagger outside of the characters he plays in his films is cooler than the roles he’s given in movies, with the former showing his actual, natural persona.

George Clooney

Let’s have it right. It would’ve been a travesty had I not included George Clooney into this list. The actor has remained an icon and ladies magnet all throughout his career. He is in fact still as irresistible to women as he was when he first hit the scene and that is the hallmark of a true swagger king.

With girlfriends that seem to just be getting younger, the fact that he’s now with Stacey Keibler is simply the cherry on the cake.  

Hugh Grant

There was a time when Hugh Grant was the coolest Brit in the world. With that in mind, what can negatively be said about his swagger, when he has carried this coolness into his older years? The British actor and film-producer is so cool that he still remained as cool as ever, after picking up prostitute Divine Brown on Sunset Boulevard and being arrested by Los Angeles police!

Al Pacino

I strongly doubt there’ll ever be a moment when Al Pacino is classed as uncool. From his roles in the Godfather to that of Scarface, Al Pacino is coolness by the word’s very definition. The fact that pretty much the whole world would agree that Al Pacino is cooler than them, despite him being aged 72, says it all.

Being able to remain cool at 72, highlights the naturalness of his earlier swagger and tells us it was always naturally just how he was.

Author Byline: David Encarta is a freelance writer and serial celebrity gossiper.

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