How to Save Money on Gas

With fuel costs at an all-time high and the financial crisis forcing us to curb our spending, there are a few simple ways to cut down on how much fuel your car consumes, saving you money as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

Alternatives to Driving

Firstly, if you are only traveling a short distance, consider walking or taking your bike. This won’t cost you anything and will give you the chance to exercise and stay fit. For the school run in the morning, consider car-pooling with other parents to save everyone time and money. For longer journeys, public transport often ends up costing you less than what you would spend on the fuel, especially these days, and you don’t have to worry about finding and paying for parking when you get to your destination. Alternatively, there are car-pooling websites online now where you can pay a minimal fuel charge to get from A to B with someone else who’s making the same journey.

Look After Your Car

If you keep your car well-maintained, it will consume fuel at a slower rate. Ensure, for example, that tires are inflated to the correct level as under-inflated tires increases resistance resulting in higher fuel consumption and more expense. Don’t use your car for storage and remove unneeded content regularly, as the heavier the car, the more fuel it will consume. If your car has roof rack, remove it when it’s not in use as it weighs down the vehicle needlessly, causing increased fuel consumption. Additionally, try to use the air conditioning in your car as little as possible as it eats up fuel – open a window instead to cool yourself down for free!

Drive Carefully

When driving, sharp increases or decreases in speed waste fuel, so accelerate gradually, drive smoothly and slow down gently, all the while using the correct gears. Doing so will stop your car from wolfing down fuel and will save you money. If you drive attentively, there should be no need to brake suddenly, let alone accelerate rapidly.

Choose Wisely When Buying a Car

Of course choosing a fuel-efficient car from the get-go is one of the surest ways of reducing how much money you spend on fuel. By choosing wisely when buying, you can save hundreds annually depending on what car you go for. It seems inevitable that we will have to switch from petrol and diesel to alternative energies, especially if fuel prices continue to increase at the current rate, but until then, you can cut down on how much of a hole fuel burns in your wallet by putting the above tips into practice.

This article was written by mechanic Howard Conlon on behalf of a lead provider of pressure sensors.

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