Have You Ever Crossed a Picket Line?

I was thinking about the time in ’99 when I crossed a ferocious picket line to stay at a resort for the weekend. First let me say, I think unions promote laziness. A worker doesn’t get graded on merit, but seniority instead. I’ve been at union jobs where the workers with “seniority” who weren’t in leadership positions felt like they didn’t have to do a thing .

Anyway, I made reservations for two at the Wheel’s Inn resort in Chatham, Ontario, Canada six weeks in advance. The day before I left, I called to make sure everything was okay. The receptionist told me that my room was secured, but more than half of the staff was on strike. I asked if my room would be discounted, and she told me that would be no problem. Cool. I put too much into this trip, and I wasn’t going to let some greedy bastards stop what I had going on.

The trip to Chatham was about 90 minutes from Detroit, and when we got close, we saw signs on the expressway telling people to turn around if they were going to Wheel’s Inn.  My guest asked if I wanted to turn around and I said, “no”.  Thank Jehovah she wasn’t the nagging type because I wasn’t trying to hear it anyway. She was very confident as a person, and didn’t feel the need to whine in order to be heard.

We pulled up to the resort, and of course there were people picketing and blocking the entrance. I crept slowly because they were actually trying to scare us away by surrounding us. They were banging on my car and everything. My guest jumped out and slapped the one lady that called us “American infidels”.  At the time, I didn’t know what an infidel was, nor did I know that Americans were really infidels.

Surprisingly, we didn’t get bricked when she got back in. I gunned the engine, knocking aside about 2 or 3 of ’em. We got past, parked, and went inside. It seemed like we were the only ones there, and we ran wild in the place. We bowled alone, played Laser Tag alone, rode rides alone and swam alone.

Out of the 10 or more times I’ve been there, this one was the best…other than the part where I had to ran over a couple of Canadians.

Have you ever been to Wheel’s Inn? Have you ever crossed a picket line for patronage? To work?  Have you ever been on strike?  Did you want to do it?

Tell me something good!

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