Top Story: 5 Fun Halloween Pranks You Can Play At Work Without Getting Fired

After April Fool’s Day, Halloween is the best time of year to play harmless pranks on colleagues. Sending the new starter to another department for a long stand, asking someone to purchase a left-handed screwdriver or sending someone out for a tin of tartan paint – these are all classic pranks that can cause much merriment as the prankee inevitably returns empty-handed and very confused. This year, why not try some Halloween-related tricks in the office?

Fake Pests

At this time of year shops are bountiful with fake spiders, mice and other small creatures. The strategic placement of these in the office can cause a few gasps of shock before the person realizes that it is not a spider in their coffee cup. For extra amusement, replace someone’s computer mouse with a real (plastic) mouse next time they visit the toilet and see how long it takes them to notice when they get back.

Novelty Items

Items you can normally only find in a joke shop spring up everywhere in the run up to Halloween. Invest in a few false eyeballs, bloody thumbs or other gory looking pieces. You can either place them around the office to make people jump when they find them, or involve yourself in the joke. For example, shake a co-worker’s hand and leave behind what looks like part of your bleeding finger in their palm as you grimace and grasp your own hand with one finger curled up inside.

toffee onions

Toffee Onions

This is a great prank that can be played on anyone who likes sweets – instead of making the traditional toffee apple, take a raw onion roughly the same shape as an apple and cover it in toffee. Put a stick in it and present it to a colleague, then watch their expression change from delight to disgust as they take a big bite out of it.

Spooky Emails

Be careful to only pull this one on someone you know quite well and who is up for a laugh. Open yourself a brand new hotmail account with an address along the lines of ‘’ or ‘’. Throughout the day send cryptic emails to a co-worker from this address and watch in merriment as they get more and more perplexed. Do own up to it at the end of the day though, as it could be taken more seriously than you would like if left to go on for too long.

Ghoulish Replacement

This can be done with either inflatable characters or scary masks. Start a conversation with a co-worker and at some point make some excuse as to why they should get up, perhaps by asking them to fetch something for you. While they are gone, encourage everyone else in the room to either don a mask, or to hide and replace themselves with inflatable witches or ghouls in their office chairs to make the person jump when they arrive back.

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