3 Ways to Spoil Yourself Rotten!

Focusing on family and work may be your primary objective, and that’s great. But it’s also important to take a breather once in a while and indulge the desires that you would normally deny yourself. After a day of running around after three year olds, or meeting an impossible deadline at the office, it is essential that, if finding yourself overwhelmed by it all, you set aside some time to spoil yourself. By doing this, you’ll recharge your batteries, have a sunnier outlook and be ready to go again, and face the world.

Spa Day

If you’re feeling tired and burnt out, a spa day can be the perfect remedy. Treating yourself to a selection of therapies can really take the stress out of your shoulders and put a spring in your step. And what a selection it is. Choosing between relaxing massages, rejuvenating facials, refreshing swims and manicures can be difficult. So why not do them all? There’s no point taking this rare ‘me’ time if you can’t go a little crazy and immerse yourself in it!

Pig Out

This option, depending on how far you take it, is probably the cheapest and definitely the most fun. Now, I’m not saying you should gorge yourself and eat for the sake of eating. But allowing yourself all the dangerously decadent foods that you’ve been responsibly resisting for months can be highly liberating. Rich chocolate cake, freshly made ice cream and meals out with friends. These are just some of the options on offer to you. Of course, continued eating of these foods is bad for you, but allowing yourself to forget about that for a few days isn’t. And the satisfaction you get from indulging your stomach for a change is definitely worth it!

Buy Some Designer Brands

You’ve seen it happen in all the movies, but this is another great way to treat yourself. Splurge on some designer brands. For most of the year you hold back from buying the things that really catch your eye because you’re “being responsible”, whilst there’s chaos going on around you. But this is the time when you can open a small window of opportunity, when you can buy THAT dress, or THOSE shoes, or THAT bag. Allowing yourself this small period of time when you can act a little selfish and without inhibition is a fantastic way of recharging your batteries and boosting your self-esteem. Just make sure you don’t go too crazy!

As we all know, a little indulgence can quickly spiral into gluttony. But if you are able to remember that it’s not a permanent change, spoiling yourself can be a great stress reliever in times of desperation, as well as loads of fun!

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