Is Gwyneth Paltrow Really The Best Dressed Woman In The World?

Gwyneth Paltrow, the Oscar winning actress and lifestyle guru, was able to add another string to her bow this week when she was given the title of the World’s Best Dressed Woman. The award, handed to her by People magazine, saw her claim the crown ahead of other contenders including the likes of Kate Middleton, Emma Stone, Jessica Alba, Rihanna and Miranda Kerr despite, approaching 40, being at least ten years older than her rivals. So what exactly are her style secrets? And is she really the best dressed woman in the world?

Effortless Style

 When conducting similar polls to find who is considered the best dressed man in Hollywood, the winner is, more often than not, found to be George Clooney. One reason for this is the fact that his sophisticated style is a timeless one which transcends the latest seasonal fads and relies on simplistic elegance rather than bold or brash statements. Paltrow has taken this year’s crown through applying the same code to her wardrobe; whilst her health and lifestyle choices are often seen as faddy, her no nonsense attitude to clothing is not.

High Heels and High Class

 The magazine drew its findings by asking for input from its 42 million readers as well as the magazine’s own editors and fashion bloggers from around the globe. All of whom were impressed by, what Paltrow’s stylist Elizabeth Saltzman described as, her reluctance to embrace trends: “She doesn’t do fringe. She has a uniform. It’s simple, not overdone.” This can be seen by observing the styles that Paltrow wears on red carpets which more often than not consist of demure, monotone dresses which appear effortlessly classy. To show her girl-ish and more fun style, Paltrow will team her understated dresses with more extravagantly designed sky-scraper heels which will often play in contrast to the rest of her ensemble by being brash; she has been known to team designer LBDs with leopard print stilettos on occasion. The effect of this is to draw contrast to each other and the clash emphasises the strengths of the other; the bold heels will act as a contrast to the sleek, elegant dresses , drawing attention to their class and the same dresses will make the vibrant nature of the heels stand out more which, in turn, makes her outfits add up to more than the sum of her parts.


However, despite the fact that Paltrow is clearly a fantastic dresser, and puts a lot more style into her attire than many celebrities, is she really amongst the world’s best dressed? Whilst Kate Middleton was Paltrow’s closest contender due to her “flawlessly elegant attire” it seems the list eschews some of the fashionistas who are most likely to take a gamble on their attire and more often than not manage to concoct much more eye-catching and memorable outfits. Marion Cotillard, for example, is a lady whose chic Parisian cool manages to combine the sophistication of Paltrow with a much more palpable, sassy edge; the French actress is never less than the height of elegance but often combines this with a sexiness that is often found missing in Paltrow and Middleton’s wardrobe. Aside from her heels, Paltrow’s choice of clothes is often bland and, in innovation and playfulness terms, she trails the likes of Zooey Deschanel and Emma Stone by some distance. For cutting edge styles, Paltrow is some way behind any number of K-Pop stars – Miss A’s Suzy combines streetwise cool and youthful zest in a way that the Shakespear in Love star does not, and groups such as SNSD and T-ARA are further examples of this.

Whilst labelling Paltrow a poor dresser is clearly a stretch of the imagination, crowning her the best dressed woman in the world requires an equal bending of facts.

Author Byline: Kieron Casey is a fashion writer who blogs regularly on a the latest fashion developments; he suggest checking out these womens shoes.

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