Top 10 Best Selling Music Posters

Wait! Before you peek at the list below, can you name the top 10 most “posterized” musicians of all time? All of the names should be familiar, but only a true poster connoisseur can get them all on the first try!

10. The Rolling Stones
The Stones have been rocking audiences since 1962, and five decades later their posters are still a hot seller to young and old fans alike.

9. Michael Jackson
The King of Pop is second only to Elvis as the best-selling individual musician of all time. His international fame has put his face on millions of bedroom walls across the world.

8. Kurt Cobain / Nirvana
Would Cobain be as popular if he were still alive today? Out of all the legends on this list, Nirvana has the least amount of albums to their credit, but that certainly hasn’t affected their poster sales.

7. Jim Morrison / The Doors
The impact of The Doors music on society during the turbulent 60’s is still discussed today, and their record 8 consecutive gold records have helped cement their status in all-time poster sales.

6.  Jimi Hendrix
The way Jimi Hendrix redefined the electric guitar makes him one of the most influential musicians in history. But it was his untimely death and unabashed drug use that made Jimi a symbol of living life without borders.

5. Bob Dylan
Although Dylan’s career isn’t ground breaking in terms of album sales, his anti-war sentiment and never ending tour schedule has made him one of the most popular icons from the 60’s.

4 Led Zeppelin
Named the most influential band of the 1970’s by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Led Zeppelin is the only metal band to sell over 300 million albums. When you add “Stairway to Heaven” and epic pictures of the Hindenburg blimp explosion, you get a band that sells a lot of posters!

3. Elvis Presley
His nickname “The King” pretty much sums up the career of Elvis. With over 1 Billion albums sold worldwide, he is still one of the most popular celebrities on earth. And even though you don’t see many Elvis posters on college campuses anymore, he still dominates the list of worldwide best sellers.

2. Bob Marley
Is it safe to say Marley’s love affair with marijuana has sold more of his prints than his musical talents? Not to say his band was unsuccessful, but are you surprised to learn the Wailers have sold the least amount of albums on this list?

1. The Beatles
No Surprise here, the band with the most number of albums sold is also king of the poster scene. Music genres come and go, but the Beatles diverse music catalog has won them fans from all walks of life.  

So that’s our Top 10 list, who is on your favorite music poster?

This unofficial list of top music posters is brought to you by Blue Dog Posters. With over 800 music posters in stock at our warehouse, you’ll find everything from The Beatles to The Bieber.

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