Think High-Income Neighborhoods Are Crime Free? Think Again!

I’ve lived in many high-income neighborhoods. The median income is usually over $100,000. Home prices range from $400,000 to well over $1 million. These are neighborhoods where many feel comfortable leaving their doors unlocked. Garages are open and unattended for hours. Neighbors walk their dogs daily. Kids run around freely. The schools are highly-rated, and lawns are perfectly manicured.

Experiencing Theft

Even in these neighborhoods, I’ve experienced theft and known neighbors who have suffered the misfortune of a burglary. A few years ago, someone entered my garage in the middle of the night and stole expensive sports equipment. Then, a few days later, someone entered a neighbor’s home during the day and took jewelry and electronics.

I live in a different neighborhood now. But after less than a year of living in my new house, a burglary occurred across the street. Unfortunately, when you get comfortable and let your guard down, a burglary incident can happen easily. It’s shocking. I’ve learned, however, that you can greatly minimize the chances of burglary by understanding how a thief targets a home and what preventive steps are most effective.

Sophisticated Thieves

Thieves that strike in high-income neighborhoods are usually very sophisticated. They are familiar with area. They pass through regularly because they know someone socially, or they are doing odd jobs in the area. As a result, they usually know the quickest escape routes and how to blend in while in the neighborhood.

Thieves tend to strike houses that are on quiet streets and not too far from a major street or highway. They are looking for unoccupied homes or an unattended part of a house where the thief can quickly enter and exit without being visible from the street. Houses on corner lots or next to open spaces are particularly vulnerable.

Deterring Theft

The easiest way to deter a thief is to take preventative measures that the thief can see from the street. For example, you should give the impression that someone is home at all times. While gone, keep a car in the driveway. Keep a light on or a television. Install automatic outdoor lights. If you are going on vacation, you should suspend mail and newspaper services or arrange to have a neighbor pick it up daily.

Another highly effective way to deter thieves is to install a home security system. You may also receive a discount from your homeowner’s insurance for installing one. It’s worth investigating the best home security systems. When thieves are scouting the neighborhood for targets, they will look for evidence of a security system and avoid a home they think has one. So you should put up a sign visible from the street showing that you have a security system.

If you take a few preventative steps, the chances that a thief will target your home are slim to none. I use most of these measures now and haven’t had a problem since.

This article is written by an author who researches and reviews home security systems. 

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