Alternative Shoes For Alternative Women

If you’re a woman who really isn’t into high fashion, or the ‘same old, same old’ of the high street, the right shoes can be tough to find. Even a pair of killer heels are tough to track down, as it’s hard not to imagine them hanging off some dumb celeb’s foot trying to escape a taxi cab.


Don’t worry, help is at hand! As we head into Autumn 2012, there are brands that have provided an oasis of originality in a desert of tedium. Here are a some of alternative women’s shoe brands that have brought out some great designs for the new season. Whether you’re a goth, punk, rocker or psychobilly, these brands should have something for you.

Iron Fist Shoes

Iron Fist have been one of the foremost alternative clothing brands in the UK. Winning fans with their punk attitude, if there’s one thing that Iron Fist has, it’s impact. Their alternative women’s shoes have been hugely successful, simply because they know their customers well. Iron Fist shoes are feminine, but hardly girly.

Iron Fist brings together sexiness and humor, with wild designs that don’t pull punches, if you pardon the weak pun. One of the brand’s best sellers has been their vivid zombie and skull designs, which are bursting with tongue-in-cheek gruesomeness.

Macbeth Footwear

Founded in San Diego, California in 2002, Macbeth Footwear was founded by Blink 182 members Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus. With this input, it’s easy to imagine the influences that drives the brand; skateboarding, American punk and street art. This has helped to create a new take on the classic skate shoe, which tough designs for men and women.

The great thing about Macbeth footwear is they’re the perfect ‘go to’ shoes. I love a great pair of trainers to shleb around in, but still look good when I’m out. Macbeths are perfect for that.

TUK Shoes

Hep cats and lounge lizards could do worse that getting a pair of shoes from TUK. From baby doll heel styles to alternative knee high boots, the brand has manage to capture something of American diners and the neon flicker of dimly lit bars in their collections. TUK has the benefit of a mixed heritage, being a Californian brand that started life in the UK.

The result is that all-important sense of humor mixed with an almost faded glamour of long-gone matinee idols. For me, TUK shoes work brilliantly with a figure-hugging dress and short leather jacket or small cardigan. Slip on wide rimmed shades and you’re good to go.

Article Provided By: The Alternative Store are retailers of alternative fashions such as Iron Fist shoes.

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