3 Things Every Man Wants To Hear

Men are fairly easy to please. They generally don’t need constant validation or praise, but that doesn’t man there aren’t a few things they love to hear come out of a woman’s mouth. If you want to boost his confidence or make his day, choose your words carefully. Here are three things every man wants to hear.

“Have fun tonight!” The next time your man walks into the room and says he wants to go meet the guys for a drink to watch the game, smile and tell him to have a great time. He’ll probably stand there in shock and try to figure out if you’re playing a trick on him. Men are conditioned to having to plead their case when they want to let loose with the boys, since women generally attack them with twenty questions about who is going to be there and when are they going to be home. Resentment starts to set in when a guy begins to feel like his girlfriend or wife is acting like his mother. But when you tell him to enjoy himself and then going about your night, it makes him eager to leave the boys and come home to you!

“You are the best” Men are like silent heroes sometimes, and oftentimes don’t feel super appreciated for all they do. If your guy has taken the trash out for the hundredth time, filled your car up with a full tank of gas or had dinner on the table after you’ve had a particularly stressful day, take a moment, look him in the eyes and genuinely tell him how much you appreciate him. Most men want to make sure that the woman they love is happy everyday, so if he’s doing a great job let him know. Showing him how happy you are is wonderful, but sometimes he needs to hear the words.

“You are the hottest!” Women are usually the ones standing in front of the mirror, asking the man in their lives if they look OK. Guys are quick to hand out compliments, physical or not. Women sometimes forget that guys can be just as insecure about their looks, because most men would rather die than admit they aren’t very confident in their appearance. When you see him dressed up smartly for work in the morning, tell him how great he looks. Compliment the little things about him that you adore and attracted you to him in the first place.

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  1. What kind of misogynistic crap is this poorly written filler article?!?! Obviously written by a man with the grammar knowledge of a 5th grader to only make women feel even more of a lesser than man. Every single word of advice in this piece should be directed towards men, not women. The only thing in this whole article that makes any sense is the very first section. All the rest are things that BOTH sexes should take heed of, but especially men. Women are the ones who are more likely to offer that kind of emotional support. Women also need that more from their partners yet men are the ones less inclined to meet their emotional needs. Bottom line, women are people pleasers while men tend to be more selfish whether it be intentional or inadvertent.

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