Why Being a Woman is Better Than Being a Man


Ladies, after the centuries of oppression, sexual discrimination and persecution, we have finally got to a time in history where we feel like we have more equal footing, can achieve more than we ever have been able to before and can stand on our own, without men’s interference.

We do still complain. We complain about having periods, the rising prices of petrol and designer shoes, having to give birth, not getting enough good sex, not being able to cry our way out of jury duty, the list goes on…

I thought, with the Olympic spirit coursing through female veins right now, I would compose a list of humorous and possibly politically incorrect reasons why we should be chuffed to be women!

  • We can wallow in a bad mood, temper and be irrationally angry for no reason and blame it on PMS. If men do it, they come across a bit psycho.
  • We can have sex whenever we like. We are always and will always be in control of whether or not you boys are getting laid.

You can pretend to be in a mood with us and don’t want to have sex, but we both know that one suggestive lip-bite and a flash of lace from us and you’re putty in our hands.

You boys know you have to work a lot harder to get US in to bed.

  • We can hug our female friends without anyone thinking we’re gay. If a bromance bonding session consisted of anything deeper than xbox,    collective grunting and beer swilling, to everyone else it becomes a gaymance.
  • We get to wear makeup to cover up the fact that we didn’t get much sleep and drank the entire contents of Oddbins last night.

You boys can only wash your face, brush your teeth and hope for the best.  Sucks to be you.

  • Women are far sexier naked. We have lovely soft skin, gorgeous curves, goddess like intimate areas.

You men are hairy and carry unsightly dangly bits. Enough said.

  •   Women actually communicate with others by speaking, discussing feelings honestly and resolving problems.

Men tend to turn into awkward gangly teenagers when it comes to opening up and discussing how they feel. Look at all the war. Did we start all that? NO.

  • We get private toilet cubicles in public toilets, can sit down comfortably to do our business and don’t have the awkward tension that comes with peeing next to another guy who may be an over-the-shoulder glancer.
  • We are not expected to lift heavy things.
  • We can have multiple orgasms.
  • If we forget to shave, no one can see it.
  • We don’t have to constantly adjust our genitals
  • Women live longer.
  • We have more hairstyle choices, more variety in fashion and get to wear crazy color hair dye and look darn cute while doing it.
  • Our car insurance is cheaper.
  • We get into clubs and have free drinks thanks to ‘Ladies Nights’. A world that had clubs that let men get in and drink for free would be a world gone cuckoo.
  • We can wear men’s clothes and still look hot. If you do it, you’re just a guy dressed as a woman. Or Ru Paul.

I may have to write a part 2 because there are still thousands more reasons popping into my head.

Being a woman is awesome and let’s be honest, we could rule the world and do a much better job than our male counterparts.

Ladies, give me some more reasons why it’s awesome to be a lady!

Author Byline: Susannah Perez is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger with a feminist flair and passion for designer makeup and lingerie. She writes for Glitterstore.


  1. Absolutely loved this post! The reasons are funny and so so very true, particularly the sex one- when a guy tries to say no you just can’t take them seriously! It is great to be a girl…also, being constricted to a wardrobe of t-shirts and baggy jeans does NOT appeal whatsoever. Oh, a reason I just thought of: guys can’t exactly ask for YOUR coat, that would just seem ridiculous, also, chances are it wouldn’t actually cover much of them!

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