Fall Hair Color Ideas

Are you someone who likes to switch your hair up? If you are, chances are that you are probably down for trying something new with the new season. Well, now that summer is fading away quickly, you may want to see your summer hair color going away right along with it. Maybe you went lighter for the summer, knowing that the sun would naturally lighten your hair anyhow. However now that fall is here, you want to stray away from your blonde and try something a bit more dark and dimensional. No problem. Here are some ideas.  

Making the Decision to go Dark

When you make the decision to go a bit darker, it does not mean that you have to go from platinum blonde to black all in one shot. If you want to go a bit darker with some warmth, why not try out a natural red with some highlights? If you choose a red like the color Emma Stone had, you could always add some strawberry colored highlights for added flattery. If you do go red, request that your eyebrows get some attention too. If you are someone who wants to go brown, you could always go for a medium brown with some highlights and lowlights. You will see that a nice brunette color with small streaks of a natural, dark red and a blonde looks really attractive in the fall. It’s something you can definitely try! However if you do want to go drastically dark, you could always settle for dark brown with natural chestnut and copper highlights. Additionally, if you are torn between black hair and blonde hair, you could always go for the now popular ombre look where you have dark roots that fade into a gorgeous blonde. It’s a win win!

Being a Blonde

Just because it is fall does not mean that you have to take your hair to a darker shade by any means. If you have blonde hair, you can add some dimensional highlights to liven it up. If you have a darker shade of blonde hair, you could add some caramel or tawny colored highlights. If you are someone with lighter blonde hair, you may want to consider some lowlights. Additionally, if your hair is an ash blonde color, some platinum highlights will make your hair look stunning! Give it a try!

Now that you have an idea about some of the most popular hair colors for the fall, you can decide what you want long before you head to the salon for a dye job. Going darker is one of the more popular choices for fall, but if you are in love with your blonde, you can always spruce it up a bit. The choice is essentially up to you. Go online and look at some of your favorite celebrities to see what they’re doing with their hair. You may find some ideas for your new fall hair do as well! Best of luck!

Author Byline: Jenna C. is a writer for AspiringNurse.com. If you are interested in nursing careers, take a look at this site: aspiringnurse.com/licensed-practical-nurse/online-lpn-programs

Photos Courtesy of – stylisheve.com


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