Choosing The Right Makeup For Your Complexion

Achieving flawless skin is not as easy as picking the right makeup. Women should know and understand that makeup colors and shades should be combined properly to match one’s skin tone. There are certain makeup colors and hues that blend well with specific skin tones, and should thus be taken carefully into consideration.

According to studies, there are basically two types of skin tone: cool and warm complexion. Complexion type can be determined through the color of the veins, wherein blue-toned veins correspond to cool complexion while green veins define warm complexion. Whichever skin tone one has, there are certain rules to follow in applying different shades of makeup on one’s face.

Cool Complexion

This is the most versatile skin tone because many types of makeup colors blend well with this complexion type. However, women who have this skin type should stay away from pink hues. This type of complexion already has natural rosy undertones, which is why the main concern of women having this type is going for the right combination of foundation, eye shadows and lipstick.

The foundation: A makeup base in bronze or peach shades will work best. Another good option would be lax rosy powder and crème rouge.

The eye shadow: Usually, gold is the best pigment to reveal those sparkling eyes. But chocolate brown, peaches, light bronzes, coppers, burgundy browns and khaki green colored eye shadows is also perfect. Having a versatile brush set, such as the EcoTools eye brush set, allows women to achieve a more precise application in the eye area. Using eye shadow as liner is also permitted, as long as the right colors are used.

The blush on: Prefer light coal effects for the cheeks or it can also be highlighted using peach and pink.

The lipstick: Since elusiveness or nudity is the motif from eye shadow to blush on, be consistent with the use of lipstick. Peaches, honey-colored nudes, reds spotted with gold and warm picks are the best selection. In some instances or occasions, fire reds and berry shades are also used.

Warm Complexion

Women with warm complexion usually have brown or hazel eyes and have red or strawberry blond hair. This complexion type is also a delicate tone which needs to be in harmony with the makeup colors applied on it.

The foundation: Yellow-based makeup base adheres well to this type of complexion. But since this skin tones come in a variety of shades, foundation color can also vary.

The eye shadow: Women with this skin tone can never go wrong by choosing earth-colored eye shadows. Applicable shades include bronze, copper, taupe, ocher pinks, pastels and plums.

The blush on: The good thing about having this type of complexion is that one can freely use floral blush-on shades such as pinks and rose. These colors are very applicable to this skin type because it brings contrasting color to the skin.

The lipstick: Luscious lips do not always mean fire-red lipsticks, especially for this type of complexion. Mocha pinks, roses, golden raspberry are the best color choices. Honey shades of lipstick are also perfect while pale ones such as baby pink should be avoided. 

These are the different makeup shades for the two basic skin complexion types. It is also advisable to play around and experiment with the different colors to see the best combinations that will bring out the best and perfectly complement one’s face. Women can also combine these tips with other makeup techniques, such as proper blending and application, to achieve the perfect makeup.

Author Byline: Sally Anne Mayers is working for a small store as a beauty buyer. She is impressed by Ecotools eye brush set and is telling all her friends.


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