Top 10 Movies of the 70’s

It’s almost that time of year again when our minds start thinking towards ghosts, goblins, and Halloween fun. Many people enjoy dressing up for Halloween. It’s a great time to dress up as your favorite character and enjoy the night of trick-or-treating or going to a party. There is nothing like being able to wear a costume and enjoy the fun that Halloween offers.

The seventies were a great time in history. It was a free time and a time to let loose and have fun. That’s what Halloween is all about – letting loose and having the time of your life. One of the greatest ways to celebrate Halloween is by dressing up as some of the most iconic characters from the 70s big screen. These are characters that made us laugh, made us cry, and kept our eyes glued to the action.

These top ten movies of the seventies should help to give some good ideas for costumes for that great night. There’s no reason to be stuck with a boring costume that everyone else is wearing when there are so many wonderful choices that can bring you back to those days of wild freedom.

The top 10 70’s movies include:

  1. The Godfather – who could forget Marlon Brando in this wonderful movie? Mobsters abound in this tale of crime. What a great movie to draw Halloween inspiration from.
  2. Chinatown – Jack Nicholson stars in this exciting movie and gives viewers a great glimpse into his hopeless world. This movie can get you thinking in the right direction of Halloween costume excitement.
  3. Taxi Driver – Even people who have not seen this movie know the famous line spoken by Robert De Niro. His trailblazing character portrayal should give Halloween fans some fun ideas for Halloween.
  4. Alien – this movie packed a punch with alien violence and gore that has, arguably, not yet been replicated in our more modern films. What fun one could have thinking of characters from this film!
  5. Jaws – This movie has always been considered one of the best films to come out of the 70s. Those who desire a great look this Halloween won’t go wrong in choosing the shark!
  6. Grease – This fun musical had action, drama, and love all rolled into one. Everyone loved the tale of Danny and Sandy. The film has so many fantastic costume choices, there is no way not to find the perfect character. Grease costumes provide a fun way to celebrate the spooky night.
  7. Halloween – What better movie to choose for a costume than the namesake movie? This slasher thriller provides the scary Michael Meyers for Halloween pleasure.
  8. The Exorcist – This movie is still considered one of the best and most frightening horror stories in history. A demon costume and a can of split pea soup will provide all of the excitement for the evening.
  9. Rocky – This 70s hit made everyone jump to their feet and cheer on Rocky Balboa. This would be a sporty costume idea to get into the American boxing spirit.
  10. Superman – This movie thrilled comic book lovers and left everyone feeling like they could fly. With the latest reboot coming out soon, this would be a perfect Halloween costume.

No matter what 70s movie character you choose, you can’t go wrong with all of these wonderful choices. Some of the most beloved, hated, and feared characters resided in the 70s. Enjoy a great night of Halloween frights with these wonderful ideas.

Author Byline: Nancy Goebel is passionate about many lifestyle and entertainment topics. She loves writing about Halloween, a time when those two subjects go hand in hand. This year, she can give you advice on everything from how to decorate to how to find great Grease costumes.

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