Find Your Celebrity Mom Style

Celebrity moms may not have it all, but one thing they do have in abundance is style. As non-celebrity moms our own style often takes the back seat to our kids, work, partners, and life in general. When we want to look chic instead of frumpy most of us are unsure of where to start. Our closets could be full of fabulous outfits, but we tend to wear the same sweats and t-shirt day in and day out.  While sweats do have a place in most moms’ closets, after all who wants to be dressed to the nines when you little one isn’t feeling well and they end up throwing up all over you, you can still find a style of your own by taking tips from the celebrity mom whose endless style you admire.

Highlight Your Favorite Feature

Have you ever noticed that a lot of celebrity moms have one feature that they love to highlight? Some celebrity moms wear their blue-red lipstick day and night to highlight a pair of full lips. Other celebrity moms pile on the mascara and add a swish of black eyeliner to make their eyes pop. And of course we’ve all seen pictures of celebrity moms whose hair always looks sleek and blown out with just the right amount of high and lowlights to make their hair gleam. Every celebrity mom knows that by highlighting their best feature they end up looking chic and put together even if they’re just wearing jeans a t-shirt.

Always Accessorize

Sometimes it’s not possible to put together a great outfit in less than five minutes, but with the right accessories you can still make it look like you’re making an effort to look nice. Mother’s necklaces and bracelets can be used to accessorize your outfit and keep the thought of your children close to you at all times. In fact mother’s necklaces have become so trendy that you often see celebrity moms wearing them in the pages of celebrity and gossip magazines. Some of the celebrity moms who wear mother’s necklaces to accessorize their outfits might be the very ones whose style you admire the most.

Don’t Try to Change Your Look Drastically

A celebrity mom’s style might change over the years but one thing that most of them have in common is that they don’t drastically change the style that they know works for them all the time. When you look at celebrity moms like Jessica Alba or Heidi Klum they still have the same style from a few years back just updated with today’s trends. These moms know that the same style that worked for them when they had their first baby can still work when they’re on their second or third little one as long as they keep it updated with a few new trends here and there. If your mother’s necklace is your style statement that you wear with every outfit there is no need to replace it every day or even every year. Instead, try to update it with other trendy accessories so that you can look stylish, but your friends will still recognize you when you answer the door.  

Celebrity moms often have access to some of the newest and most fashionable designer clothes and accessories but underneath the glitz and glam they are still moms who stay up with their babies when they are sick and treasure their mother’s necklaces over the fancy diamonds and cocktail rings that they’re photographed in. In fact, the truly stylish celebrity mom is the one who keeps their little ones close in their hearts because being a mom is the best accessory you can wear. 

Author Byline: Cora Lee is the Marketing Manager for, where you can find designer diaper bags, mother’s necklaces and more. 

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