5 Album Covers That Should Be Framed On Your Wall

One of the coolest ways to decorate a home nowadays and a manner that creates a personal feel is through the use of record frames.

Vinyl is really back in style and the record frame allows you to make the most of the LP art of the past and place it on your wall. It also allows you to show your true colors in musical terms, while adding a bit of color to your home.

Of course, the biggest issue with choosing a record frame LP is the fact your musical taste may leave a lot to be desired. In such a case it is always best to play it safe and avoid the Bewitched LP you love but still feel that bit guilty about. So, here are a few suggestions of 5 great albums that will look great in your record frames. (It’s subjective, but all the best things are).

Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

This classic album really showcases certain elegance in musical taste that people will undoubtedly envy. We would advise you to listen to the album too and not end up like some sort of Philistine when asked what you favorite song is. One of the fortunate things here is the simple fact that it’s one of the greatest albums of all time and the cover looks great.

Kraftwerk – Tour De France

Pretension aside, Kraftwerk is probably one of the most influential bands of all time and most electronic music would not be possible without them – well it wouldn’t sound the same anyhow. The Tour De France album cover is an elegant one with references to the Futurism of the past and frankly it’s also great to look at. The album itself is good too and a real showcase of how far electronic music has come.

Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin IV

One of the greatest rock n’ roll albums of all time and with one of the strangest covers too. This one is a real humdinger and has some of the classics from what is renowned as one of the greatest bands of all time. The strange neon Giant’s Causeway image is certainly a cool one and will get admirers if in good condition and behind your record frames.

Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon

You probably will be going a little mainstream with an album cover like this on your wall. But it really is one of the classics and one that looks great almost anywhere. It’s also one of the best, if not the best album of all time.

The Pixies – Surfer Rosa

Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain would say The Pixies were his biggest influence and looking at this cover it is easy to understand why. The colors, image and the text all come together to create something brilliantly ironic. It really is a great album for your record frames and should do your home a lot of justice.

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