Top 7 Reasons Engineers Make The Best Boyfriends/Husbands

7 Reasons Engineers Make The Best Boyfriends/Husbands


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Ladies, let’s face it. It seems like there really are slim pickings out there when it comes to finding the perfect boyfriend, and eventually the perfect husband. Forget the losers you dated in high school, and the frat boys from college and even the sleazy professionals from your first jobs in the real world. What you’re looking for, my friends, is a man who’s an engineer.

Hear me out – there are tons of jobs out there where guys bring in loads of dough and can shower you with diamonds and fancy cars and lavish dinners on the town and put you up in swanky high-rise apartments (whew, I better stop before my mind gets out of control with this!). But how many of those guys actually care about you, too? Not many.

That’s why you need an engineer. Actually, here are 7 slightly more specific reasons why you need an engineer.

They Make Great Money

OK, it’s no secret that engineers make incredible money. And what girl isn’t looking for a little sugar here and there? But what sets the engineers apart from the rest of these high-power, high-money positions is that they won’t go overboard with showing off their bling.

Engineers tend to stay humble about their money, but still want to spoil the heck out of you. It’s the perfect balance, really!

They Have A Stable Job

The American economy has always needed engineers, and they always will. On top of that, a 27-year-old former engineering student probably has a few good, solid years of experience under his belt at that point, versus a law student who’s probably still going to school and will be paying off school loans for the rest of his life.

No, an engineer has a steady job straight out of college, and they don’t require an obscene amount of school. That means more time for you – yay!


They’re Freakin’ Smart!

How sick and tired are you of going on dates with lame-o guys who don’t know how to carry on a good, intelligent conversation? I, for one, have had it up to here with those guys (as I reach up over my head – here!). I want to go on a date with a man who knows how to talk to me and is sometimes even willing to debate me and discuss important topics – y’know, other than shoes and purses and clothes and everything else that’s important to me.

Engineers are great for that – but they also won’t overpower you with the smartness. They’ll still love to hear about your latest shopping spree, too, I’m sure! (Translation: they’re smart, but laid back, too.)

They Work Hard to Understand You

Engineers make very sure in their day-to-day lives to fully understand their tasks at hand. You are just another task for him to accomplish, so he will do everything in his power to work to understand you and learn how to make you happy.

When he figures out what works, he’ll store it as a “formula” in his head and remember that it makes you happy – and he will continue to repeat it while making tiny variations each time so you’re still on your toes. It’s a wonderful and exciting happiness!

They’re Dedicated

Did you, or do you, know any engineering students in school? Did you ever see them out at parties, or were they always at the library with their nose in a book?

Engineers are naturally dedicated to their profession, and the dedication usually carries over into other aspects of their lifestyles – like going to the gym and paying attention to you. That’s a win-win right there: a guy who’s in shape and totally dedicated to his girlfriend and his successful career? Yes, please!


They’re Too Busy to Cheat

As if the dedication factor weren’t already enough, add into the equation the fact that they often have crazy project deadlines to meet and rarely have much free time, and you have yourself a cheat-proof boyfriend/husband.

Don’t let the time stuff scare you, though – yes, they’re busy, but they will always find time for you. They are great time managers!

They’ll Do All the Handy Work

Whether you own a house or live in an apartment, when something goes wrong, who do you call to fix it? Do you shell out money to the pros when there’s a crack in your floor or the pipes under your sink burst? What about when something goes wrong with one of your outlets? Do you know how to fix these problems yourself?

Let’s be honest – most of us don’t, and that’s why we usually have to call in the pros. But when you have an engineer for a boyfriend, you have a built-in handyman. He’s smart enough to figure all of that tough stuff out, and he won’t charge you (except for maybe a hug and a kiss – which you should give him anyway!).

Author Bio: Jamie Aldson is a freelance writer with a not-so-great dating track record, but her current boyfriend happens to be an engineer. 

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  1. You women are greedy little blood suckers. Shame on you. I bet you’re more emotionally unstable than any of those ” not so perfect ” ex’s that YOU HAVE. That’s why you can’t find the perfect man! Every time you fall in love it ends with insults and criticism and usually it’s because you are tired of that person after the chemicals seep from your brains. You’re a bunch of dam fools.

  2. Robert, NOVEMBER 23, 2013 AT 3:50 AM
    We don’t need any engineers in America from Philippines because they don’t know how to speak English very well.

    Robert is a horse shit racist!

    I guess Mr. Robert was kicked right to his balls by a Filipino engineer.
    I am a Filipino engineer too and I am proud being a Filipino and at least I speak 2 language.

    This blog only tells the quality of an engineer in general and yes engineers are problem solver even if it is not his/her field of study. engineer always find solution to every problems. It’s just a matter of research and asking.

  3. Dude! These are totally all the things I want!
    Except the boyfriend part…
    In sum, you have totally convinced me to become an engineer!!

  4. I realize that parts of this article is probably laced with satire and is over exaggerated for emphasis, but when it comes down to the “nitty gritty”, engineers and people that are well versed in math and science concepts could be very normal, everyday people. By normal, I lean towards the natural differences of all people that walk this planet — some will be introverted, some will be outgoing; some very smart in all aspects of life’s situations (relationships, handling bills, dealing with their children), some will struggle with coming to understand how to function in those situations. Engineer or not, there are qualities of a person that may not necessarily affect the fate of a person’s line of work — that person may as well be a social psychologist or a banker or a garbage serviceman.

    I say this in my own experience as a mechanical engineer myself and as someone who looked up (more accurately, “observed”) to engineers when I was younger. My best friend from high school was excellent in math and science, was very intelligent in handling relationships maturely for his age at the time, and was a very easy person to hang around with. Needless to say, he continued to be a well-rounded person regardless of his future occupation (which is mechanical engineering as well). Then I once dated a young woman that has a father that is a mechanical/nuclear engineer — he did not have the best social history; he had his first child out of college with a young girl who became his wife afterwards, then once cheated on her. Not to mention, my ex-girlfriend’s dad and mom constantly had arguments which stemmed from lack of verbal communication, mostly on the dad’s part. But he was intelligent in terms of fixing up things around the house, managing personal finances (putting three kids through college while buying new cars), and answering my questions thoroughly when I asked him in my own curiousity about his knowledge of math and complex concepts applied to his job responsibilities.

    My point is that you will find engineers from all forms of a “life background”; some are genuinely good and articulate people in conversation and social issues, some will suffer in being able to verbally express themselves (perhaps because of the way their brain is set up, working by logic in terms of numbers and “Boolean factors” of processing decisions).

    Even I can vouch for engineers having a difficult communication skill in that they lack the right words; my wife constantly tries to pull out my ideas and thoughts on everyday things — I just think differently sometimes, but we make the effort to have our life work together.

  5. Well, I’m glad it’s a humour article then… that’s how I took it at first, but it seemed a bit more genuine more than satirical.

  6. Just because this article is not about female engineers does not mean anyone is counting them out. This is a lighthearted article about dating. Get a sense of humor to go with that high horse.

  7. Thanks for empowering the younger generations of females to become engineers. I (a woman) graduated with an engineering degree and know several other ladies who work as professional engineers. I’m trying to empower more girls and women to get into these male dominated professions, but smut like this really hurts the cause. There are lots of women engineers, and they make great partners too. Thanks.

    (P.S. engineers love to party, we had the best parties on campus and now throw some of the rowdiest parties as adults)

  8. Thank u sooooo much for showing babes out there wat we really are’engineers’ we deeply appreciate it

  9. My boyfriend is a chemical engineer and he is all of these things! I was actually surprised how accurate this was. He is also very, very social. People love him and so do I!

  10. I am a 24 year old software engineer who is making 145k base/year. No, I am not single. Back to coding (and drinking).

  11. Jay from November 28, 2013…perhaps the questions from these engineers are irrelevant because you don’t know what the answer is??? My hunch is yes.

    I don’t know what engineers you’ve been meeting but plenty of them have excellent social skills. I’m an engineer and so is my boyfriend. And guess what…he has a huge group of friends he goes out with every week at a sports bar of various occupations. I have girlfriends of various occupations that I hang out with on a weekly basis. We don’t stick our heads in books all day and go around telling everyone how wrong they are. In fact, we love to learn new things. I feel sorry for you that you can’t be like us and be able to lay back have fun. Your very post shows how stuck up u are.

  12. What is this? I don’t even… have you met any engineers other than this magical unicorn boyfriend? Because this is fairly wrong. Engineering students play as hard as they work, they are stereotyped as awkward and and having no social skills because it’s often true, and are no more likely to be kind or considerate than anyone else. Plus, do you really think a software engineer is going to be able to fix a pipe? Or a chemical engineer can fix your computer? Maybe they can, but it’s not because they’re an engineer.

  13. I am a Financial Analyst for an Oil & Gas company. Make good money, sometimes even more than an engineer, and my girlfriend still loves my personality because I’m fun and nice to her. This article is crap.

  14. Total crap. Every engineer I’ve ever met … female and/or male are as boring as they come.

    – No social skills what-so-ever.
    – No independent mind of their own.
    – Live life by their university textbook.
    – Always think they’re right.
    – Overly opinionated judgmental people
    – The girls are generally ugly pompous stuck up B*tches!!

    Literally, as a business owner I CANT STAND when we end up with an engineer of any kind as a client. It’s a straight up money pit and a waste of our time answering irrelevant question after question. Only for them finally go … “Uuuuuh oh, well even though your right I still want my money back”

    0/10 … I would never date an engineer. I can barely be friends with one

  15. I could relate to this article. I must say you have stumbled onto something here. I’ve been married to an Engineer for 28 years and the things you mentioned truly resonated with me. I will also add that my hubby is a Christian which is something we share. He has been a solid rock for our family. I love him to pieces and thank God for him.

  16. This is for Robert commented on above blog:

    Robert, NOVEMBER 23, 2013 AT 3:50 AM
    We don’t need any engineers in America from Philippines because they don’t know how to speak English very well.

    Pardon me but Filipinos are good English speaker in the world. It was well known around the globe. In reality, not all Filipinos can speak fluent English obviously because we’re from Philippines. Tagalog is our native tongue. But in USA, they speak English by nature but not fluently. Grammar is poor along with wrong sentences.
    Maybe your talking about Filipinos are hard to understand because of wrong grammar? Right? At least we can speak compared to those who cannot. The important thing here is Filipinos knows how to do things and can easily adopt on new ideas means Flexible. Compared to people just sitting and waiting!
    I am not good in English Language but I am here defending my country using basic English words and thoughts…

    By the way, Robert, do you have any idea how many Filipinos working in NASA? Do you know who’s working in the White House as President’s Chef? Do a research and maybe your thoughts awakes!

  17. engineering does have good job potential, but stability varies like many other markets, based on economy and skills.
    Yes they still are paying off their degrees for a long time.
    Unfortunately, yes, many of them spend as much as they earn (see: no room for gifts, or buying outside their means = bankruptcy.
    The dedication, and ability to fix things, is not inherent in all. just like any field, there are people who do little and not dedicated. and, I have met way too many colleague engineers who, do not know tools, how they work, ect.

  18. im a nurse and my future husband is an engineer. aren’t we the perfect couple based on this blog and you convinced me even more. i think people who works on different fields are the best because they can share their knowledge.

    that engr. guy is afraid of human flesh and blood. i am afraid of wirings and electricity. we’re perfect.

  19. It depends on what kind of engineer. My dad is an electrician/construction engineer. Well yeah he fixed the broken pipe, roof, installed the wiring for lightning, electrical appliances in our house, and also have an eye for a good interior design and helped in the renovation of the house. But he is very intellectual and stuborn, he refuses to lose to any arguments, always having the final words for everything.

    And now im married to an IT Engineer. All he did was left the pipe broken, sit in front of the computer and fart a lot. Before i moved in, his place looked like a spartan house. His love for fluorescent light blinds me. And of course he is also an tech and gaming freak. The only thing that makes me love him is that he didnt have to be super busy to stay true to me. He is a very loving husband.

  20. Sigh, some of you guys are missing the point. Or maybe it’s the article that isn’t quite understanding. It’s NOT the profession of engineering that means someone will make a great boyfriend/girlfriend or potential husband/wife. It’s the mindset and personality of the people who choose to BECOME engineers that makes them, AS engineers, great boyfriends/girlfriends etc. The mindset, not the profession guys. So no, this topic isn’t “stupid” as someone stated previously.

  21. heeey what about my female engineers….both me and my fiancee are chemical engineers……lol

  22. It’s just a point of view from her. She is not necessarily saying its a fact of life. Take it with tongue in cheek.

  23. My boyfriend is an undergraduate mechanical engineer and he possesses many qualities which have been stated in the post. But he wants to become a policeman when he graduates and I am still utterly proud of him. :)

  24. We don’t need any engineers in America from Philippines because they don’t know how to speak English very well.

  25. Does it have a Female Engineer version of this? :) Engineer Couple here⬇️

  26. Crazy idea. Profession is not personality. Choice must not be based on profession.

  27. empowering shit

    engineers are too busy to cheat… while wives can cheat.

    i know that be im an engineer

  28. i don’t agree!!! i am undergraduate of marine engineer and auto eng.
    but i don’t much time for my girlfriend cuz i got too much things to do and that cuz of our relationship broken. making money may be its true, but if you are engineering it does’t mean you are good to all things.. sad to say but thats truth.

  29. I’m a computer engineer, and i will build application straight to your heart :)
    oh yeah :)

  30. I guess the author just want to market engineers just because she is having one, but if shes with lawyer, she might also say “date lawyers because they are this and that” or any profession so honestly the article is not something to be taken seriously and generalize that ALL info is applicable to all. I am civil engineer in profession and being a female engineer with many engineer (computer, electronics, electrical, etc) friends, never did i told esp dating women i know to hey look specifically ENGINEERS because every person was brought up different and its not a matter of profession. To make things clear: 1. Not all are making good money–it depends of how ambitious, hardworking, resourceful the person can be. I know a lot of lazy engineers who is good only with words but lack in action so cut that stable job expectation as well. 2. We Engineers are party animals and certified extroverts—our motto:”Work hard, Party HARDER!” so don’t expect our 100% attention and dedication to attend your needs. 3. Intelligent and smart to talk to—agree but sometimes our intelligence can be considered as arrogance and can be highly irritating to others. 4. Cheating can be done by anyone no matter what profession you are in, its all about emotional connection and commitment you have to each other to stay strong not the free time you can devote to your career or your relationship.
    Bottomline, any guy no matter what profession he is in or what he do for a living can turn out to be an Amazing guy or a total douche bag!

  31. Its quite true, my husband of 24 yrs is an engineer and is on his construction business for 22 yrs and still more projects. and i am an engineer too. Actually its not a requirement for me but its the love connection…Goodluck girls!!!

  32. Sometimes it realy depends on the upbringing of a person or expirience in life.. i can call myself frustrated engeneer as i did not finished my engineering degree. I shifted my work in hospitality job.. my best hobby is to to do home fixing.. except electronics.. i like to cook. Going to market.. cleaning the house . I like to stay home rsther than going to somewhere else.. whats my point.. im not an engineer but i do all those thing.. peace

  33. I’m a girl currently a civil engineering major and my boyfriend is a mechanical engineerig major. I agree that he is caring but he won’t be the only one making the money if we’re still together when we finish college!

  34. its not really the profession and it doesnt apply to all engineers period. well marry an entrepreneur who knows time and financial freedom.

  35. I totally agree with this article. I am engaged to a mechanical engineer and he is the most humble and kindest man I’ve ever met. I’m so lucky to have met him.

  36. IDK if the above article is true for all engineers in the world. I find most of these qualities in the engineer-men (father, brother, husband, cousin, uncle) in my life. Some have all, some have a few and not others. However, I don’t really think that it is abut the profession, though. Good men are good men, engineers or not.

    BTW, there are women-engineers too. What about them?

  37. yeah I have a friend who has a PhD in engineering he has absolutely no social skills likes to act like hes smarter than everyone else an the last person you would want for a boyfriend or husband but he has the potential to be a good friend if your willing to put up with his B.S. the only thing in the article that fit him was the fixing things part he is good at fixing cars and a great handyman

  38. First off, I’m pretty sure that this does not apply to all engineers out there! fortunately, all those things listed above are really true about my boyfriend! Well, not the money part. Either he earns a lot or average, it doesn’t matter as long as we love each other!

  39. I don’t agree 100% in this article, you maybe right for some reason, but not only engineer’s are ideal boyfriend or husband. The general ideal person you maybe with for life is someone who can love you through up and down situation. Remember money is not the basis of being happy. Your first reason is about earning salary that is why you meant to find someone who earn’s big money….Engineer and not the only smart people in this world….

  40. This is really true, am dating an engineer and he is so caring and fun to be with. I couldn’t find any fault in him, he is always there for me

  41. Ooh also they care (or at least try to care) about things you like. Mine took me to a ballet, listens when I make Shakespeare references he may not quite get, took me to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter even though he isn’t into it at all, he even will read me poetry on occasion just because he knows I love it. (:

  42. This is so true! I married an engineer. He’s in construction engineering management (closely related with civil engineering). The funny thing is everyone bashing frat guys – he was in a frat and partied in college (before I knew him) but he doesn’t touch alcohol now, and he is most certainly dedicated to work, church, and me (: everything else in this article is pretty much dead on! Maybe engineers aren’t the most outwardly romantic (roses on the bed and stuff) but they do things that are romantic in their own way. Like building you a rack for your shoes, or a bookcase, or a greenhouse with a chicken run…(: and they do it because they adore and love you! Very thoughtful and loving! Also convenient, they have a built in calculator in their brains to help with shopping trips – always finding good deals (:
    The best part is they spend a lot of time getting things done but they still listen to other people, which means they multitask – but also they can listen to you, and let’s be honest, what girl doesn’t want a man who listens? (:
    I agree with this article – my engineer is the best husband I could imagine and I love him so much!

  43. You state some qualities that are not necessarily important to some women. It is a fact that engineers usually have no soul. More often than not are unromantic. Frequently believe in treating women as “options” and always believe they can do better.

    They may have a good understanding of lego but they have a poor understanding of women’s hearts. They believe that performing practical activities ensures that a relationship remains intact. Of course, some of us just require kindness and a bit of consideration or even time. None of which can be provided by engineers of any kind. They are too busy preening their own ego and telling the world how intelligent they are. So girls – don’t date engineers. They haven’t the faintest idea of women or how their souls tick nor do they know how to make girls feel special.

  44. It is often a know type that engineers usually aren’t very social, emotional, etc, but every so often you will come across one-that’s my boyfriend. I met him this past year of college, my Freshmen year (As is he) and he’s really an amazing guy. Yes, he has his flaws, but as do I, too! He’s caring beyond words, and so selfless. He’ll drop everything just to see me, and as long as I’m happy, he’s happy. He’s independent, funny, charming, beyond intelligent, and his biggest goal in life is to take care of me, and have kids with me. He doesn’t want me to lift a finger, ever, but does not treat me like some little girl. He follows my advice, holds intelligent conversations with me, and we’re best friends. What Freshmen MALE in college says the most important thing to them is to have kids, and raise them right? He’s an amazing programmer, and the fact that I’m interested in/care about his programming proves to me how much I care, because normally…I wouldn’t give a care in the world about that. Hell, I have conversations with him, programming language, about C++, darkbasic, etc (Though he swears C++ is more impressive) and I don’t even really know what that is! But I listen enough to remember. He treats me like gold, and is a hopeless romantic. He appreciates me and respects me as a person, and I come first. This is so much more then I thought to ask for, and more then I deserve-but for some reason, he thinks I deserve the world. He makes me feel beautiful, intelligent, and after a quick talk with him, I feel as though I can cure cancer, because of how highly he thinks of me. He gives out smiles easily, gives the best hugs, looks sexy as hell with his half moon, brown eyes and black, wavy hair, and he’s lean and taller then me (That’s a bonus!). He’s perfect for me, and perfect, even with his flaws. I love him, and have every intention of marrying him after college. Engineers make amazing boyfriends, and I image amazing husbands. Anyone that says otherwise must be trying to convince themselves their frat guy boyfriend is just as good.

  45. […] Ten signs you're dating an engineer: 1. When you don’t hear from them all weekend you don’t get worried. You know it’s just because they’ve been at home, gaming in their pajamas. 2. They turn every bowling and mini golf date into a lecture on geometric trajectories. 3. You want to celebrate Valentines Day on 2/14 and they want to celebrate Pi Day on 3/14. 4. They keep a database of all the restaurants you’ve been on dates at to maximize cuisine variation. 5. Movie night always leads to an argument: you want a romantic comedy and they want the latest documentary on building rockets. 6. When you tell them “words can’t express how I feel for you”, they suggest that you quantify it mathematically instead. 7. You love to act spontaneously, while they need to run a Monte Carlo simulation to determine the optimal course of action 8. They never talk about their feelings and when you tell them it feels like you’re dating a robot, they take it as a compliment. 9. You don’t mind when they tell their friends details about your relationship, because you know they’re just reporting what it’s like to actually be in a relationship. 10. When you talk about being together forever they launch into a discussion on the theoretical applications of physical infinity. Wise Advise For Dating an Engineer – Love Engineer Top Story: Why Engineers Make The Best Boyfriends/Husbands | The Dangerous Lee News & Entertainm… […]

  46. I feel like this is a great summary of my relatioship.I would say engeeners makes better lovers…

  47. Who cares what he does or went to school for? So long as we both bring home the bacon we would both be content…That said, my ideal man would be one that can engineer his own way around the bedroom and knows how to use his own God given tools….Lol. Know watta I mean Vern?..

  48. Oh my Gd this IS my boyfriend, the software engineer – in a nutshell. I actually feel like this afrticle was personally written for me! We’ve been going strong for 4 years now! Til death do us friggin part.

  49. Last night, I beat up an engineer [and I mean serious punches, kicks and above all a deep bruises on his face so he never forgets that night] who is engaged to my sister. Only yesterday did I learn that he had been hitting my sister.
    He was unfaithful, abusive and arrogant.

    Ladies, look for a friend, a lover and a God-fearing man and stop reading these sort of dangerous articles.

    I am an engineer and proud to be one.

    Dangerously yours.

  50. pfft, I’m not necessarily proud of it but when I was younger, I had affairs with three married men….guess what all three of them did for a living……

  51. You obviously are not married to an Engineer. I’ve been married to one for 32 years and I raised 2 more. If you think this is a typical engineer BF probably true, the husband engineer is absolutely NOTHING like the BF.

  52. i love this article…met my Mechanical Engineer when I was still a student nurse..We have been on a relationship for 6 years now and I can say that my feelings for him before has never been changed…And for that 6 years there are no issues regarding cheating….

  53. NOT.
    I married a civil engineer. He’s meticulous and intelligent, which is also why he’s obsessive compulsive, controlling, manipulative, and ultimately dangerous. He cheated constantly during our marriage and hardly had a conscience when i discovered it.
    Engineers at best are particular, demanding, and hard to live with, even if they don’t take it all to the next level (which makes it a mental illness).

  54. Earth to the writer of this article – your attitude makes me feel that you are undateable. I hardly even feel that you care about the romance and intimacy – you seem to be too grounded in the materialistic aspects of a relationship which makes you sound like a child or shallow. Nonetheless, your article was enlightening, even if just for you opinion.

  55. The too busy part to cheat is not so appealing, the only dedicated to his successful carrier and you is also a defect. I like engineers, I married one, I am myself one.

    A woman needs someone who respect her own carrier aspirations and does not use her as a household maid. If she makes herself good money, that the man does is nice, but definitely no criteria to date a guy.

    Male engineers are a good choice so far that they are willing to share the opportunities for professional success, also that they are flexible, they are not scared of leave work at 5, take care if children, etc. else they are just selfish intelligent people with no respect for the intellectual and development needs of the wife…

  56. I have one and I love him! He is so generous and spoils me too much. However, I have been in relationship with engineers who had not been like my fiance at all but I think I found the best engineer for me;)

  57. Okay, I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be funny/not taken seriously. So all the “THAT’S NOT TRUE!!” “The engineers IIIII know…” people: pipe down. Sometimes it’s okay to read thing, chuckle, and move on.

  58. I agree engineers are understanding, but once you date an urban planner we share a lot of same traits plus design. :) no disrespect engineers.

  59. I agree with most of the previous comments from women engineers as I am one myself. I would say ENGINEERS make good partners but opposites attract and engineers don’t like to agree with each other. Therefore, I don’t think an engineer would be a good husband/boyfriend to me. I am more handy around the house than most women but my non engineer boyfriend is still my handy man. Men are men, they may “try” to understand women but even men engineers can’t or don’t want to understand women engineers.

  60. I sense a lot of pride. I am an engineer and I am proud of what I do, but gosh. Most of these comments sound so conceited. The comments for the most part read, “Look at me and what I have done.” Just thank Jesus you have a job if you are an engineer. And don’t think you are better than anyone else.

  61. I have read some of the comments and was very disappointed with many of them. I think your article is great and is very close to the truth. I am a civil engineer, and I hope my wife would agree with every point that you made. To add a little more, every engineer that I respect falls into your generalization. Fun article!

  62. So true! I LOVE engineers. I always have. They think the same way I do, and for me this whole article is right on the money. Yeah, there are outliers, but I’ve definitely liked the engineers I’ve dated more than the econ or philosophy majors (no offense implied)…I just love a guy who can say, “okay, I want to ask you out, and we’re going to do this activity at this time” and then pull through with it. Engineers are just so rational.

  63. I can’t agree to this. This is an opinion that is based clearly on generalities. I am an engineer, and engineers butt heads a lot. Being the only female engineer majoring in Mechanical engineering, I have noticed that some of the guys weren’t dedicated to the field. They were dedicated to the fact that engineering provided a stable job with decent money. They cheated their way through the course. If we’re going to make comparisons, you have to really look at each individual engineer. Which engineering takes real work and doesn’t allow engineers to take shortcuts? That’s the engineering field you’ll find truly committed and dedicated men. Software engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, structural engineering, even mechanical, they all have their place, and some of them require true dedication. If you pick an engineer, for the sake of him being an engineer, you’ve screwed yourself altogether. I know from experience. If money is the reason to date a man who is an engineer, then that idea should be rethought, it has become a new era, and a woman can do the same. If it’s about having a handyman, not all of them are good with tools, the way they are good with paper, pencil or a computer. Lastly, as a woman engineer who has dated men engineers, sometimes it’s best to have two personalities that are opposite, if one is smart, they are usually aggressive too, and having two of the same makes for very many arguments. In my case, I’m the engineer, and I’m with a guy that doesn’t necessarily have the engineering understanding that I do, but he’s great with his tools, and he’s great with his heart. In the end, that’s what counts.

  64. I’m a mechanical engineer. I don’t work to understand women at all. The rest seems accurate, more or less. Being divorced 2 times proves it. Engineering is way easier than dealing with a woman.

  65. Sounds interesting. Am an RN/BsN. Have dated alot but haven’t tried an engineer. A try most welcome

  66. Hi I can speak from experience about this. I’m a Mechanical Engineer in buildings and have earned by P.Eng (Professional Engineering license). I also know other Engineers who are Electrical, Structural and other Mechanical Engineers. I’m happy I choose my field but just a few things to clear up. Firstly the money is generally not good or bad. I’d say it’s the same as being a school teacher, Accountant, Nurse, police, etc. I have often wondered why many people who are not Engineers believe most Engineers make a lot. Although there is the odd Engineer who does just like the odd six figure Accountant, Plumber, and Sales person but it’s not the norm. Starting wage for a Junior Engineer out of University is 40k and after 3 – 5 years it can go to maybe 60 – 70 but it depends on the Engineer. Many prefer to stay in design and not deal with managing projects or people so they don’t go up much. For sure do not go in to Engineering for the money. Example I know a friend who is a bus driver. If he works 45 – 60 hours a week like I do, he would make about the same or maybe more then many Engineers with less effort. This is because Engineers are usually paid a salary with no over time pay whereas bus drivers are paid by the hour with overtime pay. Moving on, anyways it depends on the person but sure in general I suppose Engineers can be considered smart, hard working, and dedicated. Too busy to cheat? Well I wouldn’t but like anybody else I don’t see what’s stopping them if they really wanted to for some reason after all Engineers often get most weekends and some evenings off. Handy work is not a sure thing. I’m not for the most part. This is because my job does not require me to get my hands dirty. We work on building design drawing in the office, site visits, meetings, and studying mechanical and building code. Unless the Engineer goes out of his or her way to learn hand work outside of work.

  67. this is not absolutely true, its like saying that all left handed people are intelligent. the way a man treats a woman is based on the upbringing of that man. even if the man is not an engineer but so inlove with a woman, he will treat that woman like a queen.

  68. I feel like this is a great summary of my relationship with my husband. Only I’m the engineer!

  69. The picture above suggests that you should date a civil engineer :) They’re the handy ones. Dealing with caltrans will hands down be more obnoxious than talking to most obnoxious chicks

  70. “You are just another task for him to accomplish, so he will do everything in his power to work to understand you and learn how to make you happy.”

    You can’t make yourself happy? Why is it a man’s responsibility to “make” you happy? What am I not understanding here?

  71. This article has made me wish that I was a woman.

    How lovely it must be to expect (and often receive) so much without feeling the least bit obligated to reciprocate, at all.

    Please, somebody oppress me!

  72. “They Work Hard to Understand You
    …You are just another task for him to accomplish, so he will do everything in his power to work to understand you and learn how to make you happy. When he figures out what works, he’ll store it as a “formula” in his head…”

    Okay, maybe it’s just me. But I certainly won’t like being reduced to just a ‘task’ that has to be ‘accomplished’ (wtf is that supposed to mean anyway). That’s a big mistake you’re making if you think your partner can be kept just by following a ‘formula’.

  73. First thought: These characteristics are either not completely true (I know a lot of engineers) or not particularly exclusive to engineers. Dedicated to their profession? Lots of folks are. Don’t have time to cheat? Oh, if only that could be said about any aggregate group of people. Stable jobs? Well, that depends on who your employer is.

    Second thought: Handy? If you want handy, date a carpenter, plumber, electrician, or a guy from a blue collar background. Way handier than most of the engineers I know, who spend their days working with math and computers.

  74. Ok, 2 things. First, they’re not cheat proof (speaking from experience). Second, they’re not always handy. My hubby is an engineer with his degree in computers, but he’s not at all mechanically inclined.

  75. Love the comments! was a student nurse when I met my M.E. in 1966, finally got together in 2009. Wonder if a male nurse and woman engineer would be a good pair?

  76. Cute, but a things:
    1) Not all engineers are guys! This should be “Engineers Make the Best Partners.”
    2) Yes, yes I have seen engineering students at parties. Yeah, we’re the dedicated sort and we are always sure to get enough library time in, but we also party just as much as everyone else, if not more. In fact, at my university, the engineers have “D Day” at the beginning of every semester, when a bus takes all the willing participants to the next town over, drops them off in a big field, and leaves them there for 9 hours with the purpose of getting drunk.
    3) True, engineering is not a very long degree, but a 27 year old engineer is not necessarily a few years out of school, even if they aren’t going for a masters or PhD. A significant portion of all engineering students studied something else first.

    a 25 year old female engineering student & sorority president.

  77. Where do I find these elusive engineers of the female variety? They are ever such a rare commodity.

  78. While I’ll admit it seems sexist at first, and there are many outliars, this article mostly holds true at our house. I’m a pharmacist and hubby is a computer and software engineering professor. Yeah, we don’t see him much during the school year due to work and grading papers, but during vacations? He the best friend and Dad around. And when he goes to acedemic conferences, he has been known to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle,” over the phone at baggage claim to our five year old. As for handy, oh my, yes. Yesterday he laid flooring in the attic for storage. Yup, good man.

  79. femeng, I really hope that comment was meant to be an ironic and tongue-in-cheek. If so, I’m laughing with you. If not…well, I’m always saddest when other women have swallowed this bullshit, hook and line.

  80. I married my engineer boyfriend and we are happier than anyone I know. I love this articke because I’ve been saying these things (almost verbatim) to my God daughter for years :)

  81. To anyone who thinks this is sexist… get over yourself. Like another guy said, as a female engineer most of these apply to me as well! I still think engineers make the best boyfriends for me. Its my only hope of ever being a stay at home mom!

  82. This is the biggest load of bullshit ever. News flash: all people are different. What a pile of sexist stereotyping crap.

  83. This is about as stupid as it comes. 1) agree with jt about reinforcing gender stereotypes and 2) I’m married to an engineer who has engineer friends (which is a very very very broad category today) from a Big 10 school based on producing engineers and all 10 that I can list are considered more autistic than “social butterflies.” Ridiculous.

  84. One of my female engineer friends pointed out to me that all of these also apply to how woman engineers make the best girlfriends/wives. Probably the only thing better for a woman than being married to an engineer is an engineer herself!

  85. This is some sexist shit. way to reinforce gender stereotypes of men as breadwinners and person who fixes shit.

  86. That’s great and all, but not all engineers are the same. My father was an engineer, and he still managed to neglect my brother and I while he and my mother were married and cheat on my mom. Then he spent many years dodging child support and spending money on girlfriend after girlfriend. Now he’s out of money, living with my grandmother and drives a bus.

    It doesn’t matter what kind of job a man has, every person is a certain type. A cheater is a cheater no matter what he does for a living, and a deadbeat dad is going to skip out on his kids no matter what his job is.

    Just sayin’.

  87. I’m another RN married to an engineer. That’s funny how many of us there are out there! The article was mostly spot on, except for the handyman part… my engineer hubby isn’t exactly handy… his idea of being handy when it comes to home stuff is “handing” the contractor the $$ and letting them “handle” it. :-) Hey, no complaints tho.. it still all gets done!

  88. I’m a nurse and my boyfriend is a mechanical engineer. Two of my best RN friends are married to civil engineers. When we go out together, we call it “Nerds and Nurses Night”. I loved these.

  89. So funny, Jodie. I’m a nurse and married a mechanical engineer as well. He has several college buddies who also married nurses. Every single thing in this article is my husband. Except the gym:-)

  90. Just read this article and your other about reasons to date a nurse. This RN married a mechanical engineer three years ago! I love my husband! And I have actually come across many nurse/engineer combos…

  91. Now the question for all those ladies out there… What do you have to offer us?

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