Is It OK To Wear Sexy Lingerie On A First Date?

Ever since ‘The Rules’ came about, modern women have had a guide as to how to deal with dating, including what to wear and how far to go on a first, second or third date. Whether you are a three-date minimum lady or a go for it girl, the question remains as to what to wear underneath your clothes.

Obviously we all want to look our best when going out on a date, be that a first, third or twenty third encounter. Often, a new outfit will have been purchased, or an old favorite brought out of hibernation.

Dress Appropriate To Locale

Selecting what to wear on the outside can be easily dictated by the location of the date. Dinner in a fancy restaurant requires a cocktail dress; a trip to a ball game might mean new jeans and a cashmere jumper, and drinks down the local something else entirely. What we choose to wear underneath, however, can affect how we feel about ourselves.


No matter whether or not we plan to let our date see our underwear, wearing something sexy on the first date boosts confidence, and feeling and behaving in a confident, assured fashion will see you well on the way to dates number two and three. The general consensus seems to be that ladies should hold back on the first date, and probably also the second, to ensure the man is interested in more than one thing.

Some camps may argue that this eradicates the need for lingerie until at least date number three. However, sitting across the table from a potential new man knowing you are wearing your wash day grey knickers and a bra with a hole in it does nothing for you, new dress or no new dress.

Dress To Impress

Even if the man in question will never know what you have on under your clothes for the first date, you will, and it’s all a question of feeling good about yourself. Certainly, save the peephole bra and crotch-less panties for some time in the far distant future, but do wear something that makes you feel great.

While a first date is not often the time to be displaying ones best lingerie, wearing it underneath your chosen outfit can be your little secret. Slipping on the French bras and lacy panties, or even the old stockings and suspenders, can leave you feeling a little bit naughty without ever actually being naughty. That enigmatic smile playing around your lips as you talk will be amazingly attractive, and virtually guarantee that you get to whichever date you have designated as the one where lingerie becomes a shared experience.

Post written on behalf of Myriamgirard

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